The Gilded Lily gets a headshot

The Gilded Lily (“my dress of choice is so young that I look like a contrast of opposites…a grape and a prune”) CLAIMS it was only a coincidence that she was wearing her new feathered earrings—the ones she bought in a body-piercing parlor*—the day her company was redoing their internal headshots.

She also swears she wasn’t the first to think about using a fan “on set,” just the first to shed her self-consciousness:

Someone was talking about using a fan, but no one did. When they asked me if I wanted the fan I said YES!!!!

They said REALLY?

I said YES I am not joking I want the FAN!!!!!!!”

And what Ms Lily wants, Ms Lily gets. Though unfortunately she didn’t ask the photo team to paint the wall a more flattering color.

Obviously I can’t swear that Lily is the ONLY post-post menopausal woman who would pair below-the-shoulder feather earrings with a heavily encrusted top and a tailored blazer…

but around here she’s definitely in the minority.

And since I rarely remember to bring my camera along when we’re out and about, I’m both happy and highly amused that she has this moment immortalized—and that she let me share it! So if she’s a little more of a diva from now on, I guess I’ll learn to deal.


Especially since now I know just what to get her for her 70th.

* As I said in another post: She hasn’t mentioned if the feathers were her only purchase, and I haven’t asked.

4 Responses

  1. I think she’s beautiful. 🙂

  2. Me too, but then I’m biased!

  3. Go Ms Lily! Definitely proves that you never know where you’ll find wonderful accessories. But I do admire her for wearing them with such panache.

  4. Absolutely on both counts!

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