BettyDraperBlue Scarf

Whenever I watch Mad Men, I discover my trust issues have trust issues. And is it any wonder? Because despite the evidence I’ve seen and the hopes I voiced about our freakishly warm and early spring, the last week has been full of 40 degree temperatures and lots and lots of puddles. Color me red-cheeked—given all I’ve been through in my relationships with Helios and Apollo, I couldn’t believe I’d been so foolish as to embark upon my  “gallivanting in grey” experiment before July.

But I stayed the course. [Loyally. Trustingly.] Surely I was jumping to conclusions about what this change in weather meant?

If only. In fact, just as in the past, these gods of sun and light were off making other pastures green; neither had plans to return anytime soon. I’d committed to wearing grey and white and black, true, but now they’d changed the terms of our contract and I was miserable!

So I guess it’s a good thing I’m not the same person I used to be. While there’s no denying that the shadow shades still dominate my closet, now I’ve got sunset hues and oceanic tints to boost my mood when the sky goes grim.

Alas, keeping the spring rain and cold from having their way with me means bundling up in my squid-ink blacks and bitter-chocolate browns—but I’ve finally learned that in order to establish my independence, I’ve got to be ruthless about stashing a little blue sky up my sleeve.

Offsetting weather-appropriate winter browns with calendar-appropriate blues an improvised (pardon: ARTISANAL) scarf ring made from an old silver cuff

This vintage silk scarf has some easily hidden damage in one corner (dare I suggest from cigarette ash?)

3 Responses

  1. Lovely color and fabulous artisinal scarf ring!

  2. Love the scarf — and the book! I’ve been trying the same thing with pink and orange scarves when I go to the airport. I’m in dark grey, but the pink and orange is a perfect pick-me-up!

  3. Thanks Pseu and Christine! The color is so teen-mag dreamy, isn’t it?

    Pseu — And I’m happy you noticed my napkin ring, er improvised scarf ring, snort. But it works and I rather like it!

    Christine — EM Delafield’s writing + certain of her jacket covers = re-reading bliss on a crappy weekend.

    I hear you about the pink/orange; you must be a blast of color in the airports. I have a newish sale scarf in those colors—ok, mostly peeeenk—that I’ve been wearing with grey and brown.

    [I call it my Hoedown Scarf because it looks like a tablecloth; I’m sure you’ve got some sophisticated version. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours….]

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