Gratuitous Color Shot #18: I took it on the run baby / ’cause that’s the way I want it baby

Hawaiian folklore deems Oahu’s rugged, remote Ka’ena Point as a leina a ka ‘uhane, or jumping off point for souls leaving the earth. Guided by ancestors or deceased friends, a soul leapt from the point’s sacred rock into the ocean before entering po heaven. But apparently not all the dead were as lucky: some say souls judged unworthy were cursed to wander the island in misery and isolation.

As I’m extraordinarily pleased to announce I’ve accepted a position with a new company, the legend’s core concept—being escorted and supported when heading into the unknown—is one that resonates with me greatly right now.

Especially since the drawn-out process of seeking a better professional life had me living in dread that someone would sidle up to me and start singing “Heard it from a friend who / Heard it from a friend who / Heard it from another you been messin’ around [with interviews].”

Fortunately, my efforts to slide out with minimum drama and a bit of grace succeeded. Objectively, I know I’m headed for a better place; subjectively, though, I’ll be in limbo for a while as the whole new-job thing sorts itself out.

Wish me luck with my leaping?

At Oahu’s westernmost spot, a fellow hiker embraces a more upward view of Ka’ena Point Natural Area Reserve

PSA: Read more about efforts to restore the ecosystem at Ka’ena Point


6 Responses

  1. Perfect Lady!! You did it!!! We had no doubt but you are an inspiration to all who refuse to flounder on the beach but choose to dive off the high cliffs instead. You are Mary Tyler Moore for sure!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for the seemingly endless cheerleading Ms B! We’ll see where the dive takes me. Hopefully to renewed health and happiness and not into a big rock!

    • Linda—

      That’s the plan anyway! Thank you for celebrating the milestone with me. Your passion for and dedication to your work was/is a reminder of what that end of the spectrum looks like.

  2. Gorgeous colors!
    Hope your first few days at the new job have been going well.

    • Pauline—

      Hope you’ll forgive the belated response knowing the context! Thank you so much for the good wishes; I read them and am happy to report back it’s a case of “so far, so good.” I’ll definitely be challenged but it seems like the environment will provide more support and resources for those working to create solutions to problems known and TBD!

      More importantly, I seem to have at least one team member who shares my sense of humor. That always ups the contentment factor for me.

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