Happy Accident

Happy Accident

About me: Pro-narcissism and escapism. Inconsistent about earnestness. Unfortunately irritated by the humorless and those who lack critical thinking skills. But anti-sociopaths.

About this blog: Weight of content may vary. Current interests include style for women over 40, creativity, work, friendships, self-indulgence, and midlife crises.

Many posts touch on my very personal, association-driven, and at times borderline obsessive relationship with random items in my closet; others, on objects in my environment. Either way, I tend to micro-focus on color, texture, and detail.

Visuals in Photo Theme category or with “gratuitous color shot” tag always mine, for better or worse.

About my attempts to dress myself, including collaborations with local store owner/designers: At-a-glance version + gallery of projects here.

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2 Responses

  1. Just stumbled upon your glorious blog and comments on Kyra Sedgwick and her colorful costumes on The Closer. Thank you for the generous compliments. Keep watching and enjoying for one more season!
    Best–Greg LaVoi (costume designer The Closer)

  2. Greg—

    It’s an honor to have you stop by; I have so enjoyed your/your team’s work on the show—and a few of my readers have now discovered “The Closer” and are just as pleased.

    Because I watch the show via DVD, your
    comment sent me Googling; I am so sorry to hear this is the series’ final season!

    I can only hope that your team is reunited for another show, and that we’ll end up seeing more of your collaborative results.

    I find I’m truly bumming about the thought that:

    a) you all will be looking for work—though hopefully you’ve already been tagged for new projects and

    b) such stunning examples of vintage clothing won’t be on my screen once the show wraps!

    Best to you, and again many thanks for providing your fans with so many visual delights.

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