Tonality Teeter-Totter

Some ace procrastinators make lists, and some don’t.

If something is tedious + highly forgettable + very important, I will reluctantly find an old envelope and a pen and scrawl a reminder. Most of the time, though, I just keep loose track of what I’m trying to blow off. That way when I need a quick hit of martyrdom I have any number of chores from which to pick, but not so many that I shock my system into paralysis.

So, having done a cursory examination of how the Pantone color trends for Fall 2009 (and earlier) intersect with my existing clothing, I thought I’d drag out all* my cooler-weather clothes for inspection.

Since I have a relatively small wardrobe and wear most of my clothes throughout the year, this was SUPPOSED to be much better than a chore–that’s why I chose it, for godsakes. I envisioned a fun exercise in creativity, a “Hey, I should really think about wearing these new color combinations or about pairing X with Y this year” lark. Why, I was feeling so arty I could practically smell the macrame!

After separating out my colored items from my larger bank of neutrals, though, I faced some hard truths.

Things I grossly overestimated: The amount of non-black, -brown or -grey in my closet. And I even included the sleeveless stuff!

Things I grossly underestimated: The amount of duct tape holding up my hems; the amount of sweater de-pilling that needs to be done.

My colored clothing items meet part of Mr Vixs old Matchbox car collection

Hmmmmm...I could have sworn I had a lot more color in my fall-winter clothing these days...but this is it so far

And really, would a bit more texture and pattern kill me?

Apparently my colored necklaces and MacGyver’d hems have deceived me into thinking I have this happy-go-lucky, bandbox fresh wardrobe. But with my eyes free from scales, I’m beyond glad that:

  • I picked up some Stitch Witchery when out getting high-density foam (don’t ask)
  • the few clothes I’m getting this season have a LOT of color and pattern…for me, anyway!

While I wait for the fun new stuff I guess I have to get on the whole boring maintenance thing. No way in hell I’m wasting my 4-bladed razors on my scruffy knits, though. No way in hell.

* Barring a few no-frills, long-sleeved, BLUE T shirts. Because as they get worn more for sleeping than for interacting with the world around me, it would have been cheating.


Fall/Winter additions may be limited, but they are messing with my closet’s set point….