The last few months have seen too many of those in my circle checking their horoscopes in hopes the stars’ forecast calls for something besides more-serious-than-usual sickness, job woes, financial worries, and/or family issues.

Despite the astrological status quo, however, I’ve had a terrible time getting the independent types to obey Bill Withers’ now-classic lines:

Lean on me, when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend / I’ll help you carry on
For it won’t be long / ‘Til I’m gonna need
Somebody to lean on”

Others have it worse, they protest stoically—and depressingly, news article after news article supports their claim. Refraining from pointing out that others have it better seems the least I can do, but I hate to stop there.

Fortunately my independent types will usually accept a meal, joke, hug, distraction, or even a heartfelt sentiment or two. Compared to what I’ve received from them over the years it doesn’t seem like much. But when I’m in their shoes, even momentary access to my more carefree self means everything.

…after a run of bad news, it can be tough to remember that life is full of surprises that leave us contemplative, curious, delighted, or bemused versus on high alert…


(top to bottom: In Bandon Oregon, a majestic seahorse is just one of the boardwalk’s unexpected pleasures; thanks to one family’s tree stump and the calendar, a neighborhood sports a quite literal interpretation of the lion in winter; Vancouver BC’s VanDusen Botanical Garden manages to find room for a dragon sculpture amidst the water lily leaves; it’s hard to resist a closer look when front yard decor is the bee’s knees; being outnumbered by dandelions is cause for one critter’s celebration—or surrender)

5 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog! I’m back now, from hectic months – but happy and ready to blog!

    It’s always hard to see good friends and family having to struggle with all sorts of obstacles. We can only do our best to help, but we can’t make the problems go away. A little animal therapy will surely put at least a brief smile on everyone’s faces! As always you have the best photos – I’d love to see them published.

    • Hi Kaffe/Tine—

      So nice to hear from you and glad you are back to writing!

      I’d be lovely to wave the proverbial magic wand and have our loved ones lives improve (I know friends/family have wished they could do so for me). Usually we take turns with the more significant types of challenges but lately many of us have been in the soup at the same time.

      Thankfully laughter is free and truly is “good medicine.”

      Thank you for the lovely compliment on my photos, too.

      I’ve had the luxury of working with pro photographs for many years, so while my point-and-shoot and I do ok for this medium I’m afraid we don’t meet my standards for print! [I do have a few 8x10s from various photo posts in my office to remind me imperfect results often beat no results.]

  2. I do know that print demands a very high quality… I hope a nice camera comes your way one of these days! I’m sure your photos will have a healing quality in them that people need your photos!

  3. Coming across that bee would certainly brighten up my day.
    Love what you said in the comment, too, about imperfect results. A wise and energetic woman I used to work with liked to say “Perfect is the opposite of done.”

    • Hi Pauline—

      That bee…just hilarious, isn’t it? I try to remember that just because there are times I see the forest AND the trees doesn’t mean I’m paying enough attention to the leaves. And to torture cliches and metaphors a bit more, that bee = the leaves, ha!

      Perfect is the opposite of done is right, too. I will always struggle with that tendency, but have found that striving for perfect is a great way to never get finished — or more importantly in my case, started!

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