As the extent of Hurricane Sandy’s damage becomes even clearer, I continue to wish individuals and communities strength as they recover and rebuild.

…because navigational markers orient our hearts as well as our heads, we feel their presence or loss—which is why we’ll never stop creating, reacting to, protecting, and cherishing them…

(top to bottom: On Long Beach Washington’s Discovery Trail, a basalt monolith offers up quotations from William Clark’s 1805 exploration of the area; a driftwood sculpture helps mark the way along an oceanside pathway; a 1925 covered bridge rides out another Central Oregon storm; in southern Oregon’s Lithia Park, a heartfelt (if destructive) message; sculpture provides a sense of stability in Vancouver BC’s English Bay)

4 Responses

  1. Once again, beautiful pictures, especially the sky in the first two. But I love that covered bridge, too.

    • Pauline—

      Thank you as always! I totally agree about the sky; it was a wonderful mid-October gift, especially since it was accompanied by 70 degree weather.

      It’s so unreal to me when we get it that in my head I find myself calling it “fake sky,” ha! [Covered Bridge sky was in-between downpours and of course it’s beautiful in its own way. /political correctness]

  2. Vix, you’re such a talented photographer, it’s always a feast for the eyes, visiting your blog!

    I’ve never understood why the bridges were covered, although it makes the bridge very picturesque. The grey sky is lovely with the yellow leaves – and that’s about the only time a grey sky is lovely, in my opinion (I’m not always politically very correct)!

    The two top photos are from the almost the same place, right? The blue sky is incredible, and I suspect the photos were taken on the same day. On days like that it’s impossible not to be in a good mood.

    • Hi Kaffe/Tine—

      Thank you but trust me, that beautiful sky and the scenery did all the work. My point-and-shoot and I just had to show up!

      And yes, the top 2 shots were taken a few minutes apart in Long Beach Washington (home of the prior entry’s “ladybugs”). Your weather is so similar to mine you know the joy a warm and sunny fall day brings!

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