Gratuitous Color Shot #16: Remember when small was the next big thing?

From objects to organizations, small done well is an art; large done badly, an insult.

A 1969 Subaru microvan (seats 4, 50-70 MPG) makes its modern-day rounds

Bonus shots of a 1969 Subaru microvan in modern times: L, a tropical interior; R, a young onlooker provides a sense of scale

4 Responses

  1. How cool is that??

  2. Pseu—

    I know/agree; good thing I never learned to hotwire cars!

  3. Absolutely incredible – I wish more people would take the time and customize their old cars. Great photos!

  4. Kaffe/Tine—

    I’m with you—especially as I drive a boring old neutral car with neutral upholstery. Do as I say not as I do, folks; we will admire from afar! [And thanks.]

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