Blossoms both shimmering and grounded

Three words summarize my praise for Oregon’s many wonders: idiosyncratic, infrequent, and heartfelt. In summer, my deep and abiding love for Oregon-grown berries seizes center stage; come springtime, though, I only have eyes for the state’s amazing variety of flower farms.

Tulips, daffodils, iris, peonies, dahlias, calla lilies—aside from adding charm to local lawns, in 2010 these “floriculture” fixtures helped bring $22 million in bulb and cut flower sales to the state’s $667 million nursery industry. For those of us with naught but a passing interest in the economic part of the equation, however, knowing growers fill acres of land with far-from-humdrum flowers is the real attention-grabber.

When a flower farm opens to the masses for an annual festival or random tour, it seems just plain ornery to sit home. Especially when one has weather that’s perfect for doing a little tiptoeing through tulips.

Not to mention handy flower-themed accessories to don in solidarity.

L, early tulips brighten an Oregon field; R, pale blossoms on a shimmering silk-velvet scarf have been looped over neutral workwear as well as paired with pink stripes for play

If a feet-first exploration of tulip fields isn’t in the cards for some reason, why not take a quick look at the photos below before seeking out true beauty shots of the graceful blooms? Just be on guard for tulpenmanie; best I can tell, there’s no hope for a cure….

Acres of Oregon tulips enjoy a (rather rare) moment in the midday sun

Decorative, oversized wooden clogs dominate a much-more standard shoe choice

Freshly-planted flowers spruce up a store-filled street

L, Tulips and daffodils potted for take-home pleasure; R, an Oregon tulip farm features acres of flowers and a mini-windmill or two

Carvers display their wares during a celebration for Oregon tulip lovers

Bold display tulips vie for attention with a dainty variety of daffodil

PSA 1: Order—or just browse—exotic varieties of tulips, daffodils, or iris from Oregon growers without leaving your house!

PSA 2: Don’t miss the tulip photos of Vienna-based Paula of “Paula’s Diary” (and stick around to read more of her!).

2 Responses

  1. 😮 😮 :-O
    massive tulips!!
    (please excuse my reduced vocabulary in the early morning).

    Ours can not compete with yours in any way, still, I should st
    art taking pictures!

    😮 😮 (just scrolled up again and looked once at the 2nd photo). this image is somehow … therapeutic! All the disorder, the mixmatching, any colour goes. How bold!

  2. My late night and your early morning vocabulary are about equal to the task!

    Do get to it–and come back and put your past and to-be links to Vienna’s lovely tulips here. (I know I linked to your flowers of power somewhere on this site but can’t seem to find it now….)

    And I agree about the 2nd photo. Semi-waywardness is appealing, eh?

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