Lately, the universe seems determined to remind me that flexibility—or at least non-linearity—is a wonderful trait to demonstrate preferably early but definitely often.

I’ll grant that limber and meandering minds tend to excel at creating or embracing new concepts. And that supple hearts and bodies tend to make it easier to go along and get along. Too bad straying from the ramrod straight and narrow takes surprisingly large quantities of WORK.

But what’s a person who’s feeling more pillar than Pilates-prepped, more Flat Stanley than Porcupine Pete, to do? Besides seek inspiration from the experts, of course.

…pliancy can certainly work against us, as when a lifeline turns into a noose—but more often adaptability and asymmetry allow us to move closer to creatures, habits, and ideas that enhance our lives and away from the things that drain us…

(top to bottom: On Bandon’s boardwalk, artwork pays homage to one of the town’s largest industries; a rare still and sunny November day brings a halt to a windsock’s duties; coral and shells mingle in a coastal shop; intriguingly intricate knotwork accents the walls of an Oregon Coast Guard Museum; colorful traps nab human eyes but are meant for local crabs)

3 Responses

  1. I am not going to tell you, how many words I had to look up in the dictionary. I relate!
    And then there is this litte ramrod straight fellow, with a supple heart:

    (the one in front!)

    It’s all about the zodiac in the end, Capricorn, Saturn …. no?

  2. Ms Paula—

    I know you can relate, as I have been catching up (but not commenting due to time) on your posts. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Wishing you lots of resiliency….

    Hoping to “visit” you soon.

  3. […] SUBMISSION: […]

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