Gratuitous Color Shot #13 and #14: Mrs Peacock on the lanai with a coconut

I have nothing against pristine views; I just love views where achingly beautiful nature collides with human handiwork a little bit more.

View from Bunker No. 1 on Oahu’s Ka’iwa Ridge Trail: Lanikai Beach with one of Kailua Bay’s Mokulua islands in the distance

View from Bunker No. 2 on Oahu’s Ka’iwa Ridge Trail: Kailua Bay, with Kaneohe in the distance

2 Responses

  1. Hi Vix! I was lucky and visited Brittany shortly after I had seen an exhibition on the “Atlantic Wall” – the bunkers along the atlantic coast. After having seen the exhibition, I found and saw them with a different perception. Often they lie next to luxury holiday resorts.

    Guess what, I just tagged you with an award:
    No obligations!

  2. Ms P—

    Sounds like a fascinating exhibit and yes, I agree having bunkers set in “paradise” requires some mental rejiggering.

    Thank you for the tag! I am catching up from vacation and will happily fulfill your request once I dig out. [But is there much left to share? Hmmmm….]

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