From style intervention’d to joining Imogen Lamport’s Stylish Thoughts series

Though I hate to remove my tongue from my cheek for long, I can say with all seriousness that I was extremely honored when Australian stylist and blogger Imogen Lamport recently asked me to participate in her series on personal style, Stylish Thoughts.

I just hope any of Imogen’s regular readers who venture here from my guest post don’t need smelling salts.


Now sure—my friend may have started something 6 or so years ago when she challenged my “black, baggy, and covered in cat hair” look. But it was Imogen’s no-nonsense, thorough, free-to-all-with-a-web-browser suggestions that helped lead me in a different direction. And it’s Imogen’s humble nature and comprehensive advice that keeps me coming back to Inside Out Style for more.

[Plus she’s a little obsessed with people wearing color/colour that makes them glow, which wins her extra points from me!]

From her wealth of information about dressing my H/Rectangle shape to her use of real-life body shapes to help explain proportion and silhouette to her perspective on how to incorporate trends that flatter, I have many a favorite Imogen post.

My advice to those so inclined? Go find yours!

4 Responses

  1. If I’ve had anything to do with your incredibly stylish appearance I’m really humbled. I find it hard to believe you ever were baggy, black and covered in cat hair!

    Thanks so much for your extremely kind words. I really appreciate them.

  2. Hi Imogen—

    Oh, you’d better believe you had something to do with my overhaul—and that it was needed! I should really get my non-blog-oriented, intervention-minded friend to write a testimonial about my “before,” ha.

    [And if you ever wonder if your polyvores and visual learning tools are worth the time they take to create, please know that at least one person appreciates them greatly!]

  3. Sounds like you’d make a great “before and after” makeover shot!

  4. You know I think you’re the bee’s knees but my initial thought is o hell no, ha! Especially as I was one of the women who was guessing about infrastructure sizing, and guessing terribly wrong.

    [Plus there are thankfully few photos documenting the disasters. I was good at hiding in the back row!]

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