Gratuitous Color Shot #12: The beautiful interruption

I’m (perhaps too) rarely at a loss for words.

Oregonians are known for taking recycling and repurposing very seriously…does this align with or subvert that?

That doesn’t mean I can’t step back and let others speak for me, though—especially when they do it so very beautifully….

From “the science of light and color”

i know of the science
of light and color
and am content in my belief

in the creative power
of random molecules mixing
through the natural lens of prisms,

content that the great artist from whom
we learn all our concepts
of beauty and grace is an impersonal
and accidental

but sometimes it is more wonderful
to believe it is all a purposeful
intended for my eyes,
and, yes, yours as well


and now
the sun is fully up
bright, and, as promised,

in a sky
of cartoonist

—Allen Itz

Here and Now (September 2010)

5 Responses

  1. That’s just stunning. Wonderful poem too.

  2. That’s beautiful! You have an amazing collection of photography… ever thought perhaps about an Etsy store to sell prints?

  3. Pseu—

    Thank you! The lighting wasn’t ideal but I couldn’t resist. It’s really quite a sight to come upon this truck and several of its similarly planted friends. Just gorgeous.

    Ms EO—

    Thank you as well; as I said to Pseu above, it is a super-striking thing to come across in person!

    Re your question: In addition to lacking the entrepreneurial gene (wish I had what you have!) I’m not a technician. I’m afraid my pics don’t hold up well at high resolution…they get a bit grainy…and then there’s the issue of color-balancing for print vs web.

    [I’m someone wanted to experiment with printing any of the photos for personal use, I’m certainly happy to email files!]

  4. Again a fantastic photo! I agree with The English Organizer. You could sell prints, if they are too grainy for posters, maybe postcards? They will be cheaper than posters, and probably be much easier to sell. I shall try to print some myself one af these days.

  5. Tine—

    You and Ms EO are too kind (and apparently underestimate my sheer laziness!). I will give some thought to what you both are saying, truly, and the compliment is much appreciated. THanks for stopping by!

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