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Gratuitous Color Shot #11: Goin’ Bananas

A suburban child of the 70s must take a madeleine moment when and where it comes…

Vintage bikes bring old-school charm to an Oregon street fair

even if it leads to a flood of memories such as:

  • feeling groovy in peach satin quilted hotpants + matching jacket
  • creamsicle push-up pops
  • envying Wonder Woman
  • walking pet rabbits—slowly
  • add-a-bead necklaces and the class implications thereof
  • rollerskating (badly)
  • Jessica telling us all about French kissing
  • Princess Daisy telling us all about everything that comes after French kissing
  • failing to dodge the horrors of dodgeball
  • singing Olivia Newton-John’s melancholic, country-influenced Something Better to Do over and over (an argument for nature over nurture)

9 Responses

  1. Nice shot.

    I think you need to amplify on the class implications of add-a-bead necklaces now.

  2. Katja—

    Thanks! And I couldn’t possibly untangle the add-a-bead thing (hey, maybe you could see if Lisa over at Privilege wants to weigh in: http://amidprivilege.com ).

    My simplistic take: Add-a-bead and add-a-pearl were what the preppy girls were doing, and the preps were popular. Ergo many of the rest of us started their “collecting.”

    But some had to earn each bead sloooowly, then buy them at discount jewelry places that also sold TVs. [raises hand] While others had “adds” that went halfway up their neck in no time….

    ps My pal Ms Madeline, who is from that era, saw this and told me she just sold hers to a scrap gold place for ~ $40, ha!

  3. Ah, my younger sister had a banana-seat bike with the high handlebars. I don’t remember the add-a-beads, but I may have been too old for that trend.

    Adding to the reminiscences:
    –“Crystal Blue Persuasion”
    –Green hair by the end of summer, a result of time spent in overly-chlorinated pools.
    –Sunday mornings at the San Jose flea market, hearing Santana playing from every speaker at multiple stalls.
    –Late nights at Bob’s Big Boy, drinking endless cups of coffee while my friends had hot fudge sundaes

  4. Pseu—

    Fantastic adds, thank you! Though now I have CBP stuck in my head along with Olivia’s song.

    Add-a-bead/add-a-pearl was a late late 70s/early 80s trend. I think if you were out late drinking coffee then yes, you were probably too old and sophisticated to partake, ha.

  5. Wonderful picture you write here. Too sad, my parents moved to Austria in the 1970’s. My sister would have made a perfect Jessica, riding such a bike. The strong image of Wonder Woman came with us. Last month when I saw a broche in the jewellery-exhibition which resembled Wonder Woman. Really! If you look close, you will see the star on top of her forehead:


  6. Paula–

    You know unless it involves cleaning or organizing, I’m usually on your wavelength. I see Wonder Woman’s star in that gorgeous piece as well, ha! Thanks for sharing.

  7. OK, A., your blog is funny! I like moth’d as a verb! I love Princess Daisy! and B. your kitchen is great! I have those cabinets, but now think a backsplash might be just the thing to redo our redone kitchen without ripping out the granite counters I am lukewarm about! (We left behind a townhouse I hated with a kitchen we had redone last year that I LOVED! With the same color walls as yours!)

    So now I’m going to have to to come for drinks and cat hair.

  8. and um, it took like three years to fill up my adds, and then they were out of style. I found the necklace the other day, and can’t decide if taking it to “cash for gold” place would be wrong?

  9. DCJenn —

    Well, I can’t wait to see you all but you have been warned about the cat hair. Next post will feature the er, “lush” yard so you’ll be warned about that, too.

    [And thank you.]

    A new backsplash might be just what you need to make you warm to the granite. Or ignore it!

    ps My friend Ms Madeline took her add-a-bead necklace for cash. Go for it, unless you are one of those warped people with fond memories of middle/early high school.

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