Well who ELSE am I going to tell? or, my moment in the “Style Blogs of the Week” sun

As more of a Dear Diary blogger than one who writes with an audience’s needs in mind, I’m always a bit shocked to get a public or behind-the-scenes compliment. But damned if something (my Grandma’s-Wamsutta-bedding print top?) didn’t hypnotize Chrissy over at Become.com’s “Pocket Change” blog into naming Building a Colorful Life as one of their Style Blogs of the Week.

Since I had no idea Pocket Change existed, I had to spend some time poking around on the loaded-with-content site to make sure it wasn’t a fetish joint.

Because really—if there’s a category called “style bloggers,” and there’s a category called “people who every so often write about closet wardrobe audits and rather bizarre (and at times borderline obsessive) relationships with random items in their closet” where am I more likely to belong?



So I agreed to be featured.

Between my photo collage and short Q&A with Chrissy, I tried forewarn/forearm Pocket Change readers:

But of course the house policy is strictly read at one’s own risk….

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4 Responses

  1. Congratulations!

  2. Lisa —

    Belated thanks (I was out of town and for some reason you hit my spam filter!).

    I’m glad my “personal style journey” cluelessness entertains more than just me.

  3. So sorry I missed your 15 mins of fame… love the picture compilation here: they are very Vix !

  4. No worries, Ms EO! Glad you stopped by when you had the chance, and thank you!

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