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Gratuitous Color Shot #9: In lieu of

I admit it: I’ve had a lot of emotional and physical connections with other homes over the past year. And so has Mr Vix. They seemed harmless enough at the time, but now our address wants to celebrate February 14th with us, and we can’t face it.

Not with all the “milestone vs millstone?” discussions we’ve been having on the sly, not with all the clandestine photos of intriguing homes I keep tucked away on my hard drive.

After all, it’s not the house’s fault that Mr Vix and I have yet to finish Project Marigold Trim, or that we’re required to be ever-vigilant about roof moss, or even that we know its flaws only too well.

And it’s certainly not the house’s fault that we’re dazzled by structures that seem to offer a sizzling hot promise of eternal bliss:

With an entry this warm and welcoming, how can this California home offer anything but everlasting love to its various owners?

I’ve decided that compared to places, people are easy. Once I saw Joop! Jeans’ 1993 ad campaign that declared “In the uterus of love, we are all blind cavefish,” I knew I had my everlasting mantra for romantic couplings.


But when it comes to our relationships with abodes, towns, cities, and countries things aren’t so simple, are they?

Which is why Mr Vix and I, overwhelmed with feelings of disloyalty, spent a large chunk of the weekend putting our guilty and rhythmless feet to work around the house we chose 9 years ago today.

There was gussying up. There was extra time spent with the little rehabbed kitchen. There was great care not to hum:

And if you can’t be

with the one you love, honey

Love the one you’re with”

Having been in the house’s (cement) shoes before, I know it’s not a great feeling to be the placeholder. But doing the long-term thing with a person AND a thing? It’s just not in my DNA.

This year Mr Vix and I are staying put. But one Valentine’s Day I’m going to have to check my script, stare my walls right in their nailholes, and say: “I’m sorry, baby. It’s not you, really—it’s me.”

4 Responses

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to your abode. Did you also bring it some roses? ::)

  2. Lisa —

    I’ll pass along your greeting! No roses…though we fed a waffle that didn’t work out to its garbage disposal. That will have to do for this year….

  3. Does this mean I should stop waiting for the moving van with your stuff to arrive in L.A????Waaaaaah!:-(

  4. LBR —

    SoCal is still in my Master Plan! I’ll probably arrive just as you’re moving….

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