Before it gets too far into almost-upon-us 2011, I’m hoping to process all the events that happened in 2010. Because damn if this hasn’t been a Blender Year for me and many I know. And while that can be twenty kinds of wonderful when one finally debuts as the ooooooh! slushy beverage of choice, it’s far from pleasant when one’s the ice.

Right now my life is at the Pawpaw Paradise stage, though, so I seriously just need to relax (okay, fine: TO CHILL) and enjoy—even if my still-huddled-in-dread transparent cubes can’t quite process the meaning of motionless blades.

[To truly stop worrying I may have to instigate a domestic and international news blackout, including a ban on celebrity gossip, but I’m sure the world can turn without my clenched-jaw awareness of its violence and tomfoolery.]

My holiday goal? Find lots of ways to build up my rather depleted emotional resiliency with things that make me truly deeply madly merry, both for my own sake and so I can better offer a hand/ear/shoulder to those more in need of strength than I.

Here’s hoping that the New Year will have plenty of happiness—and some extra-in-case-of-emergency—for us all!

…when things are going well but the odds are good that (more) shearing and smashing may occur down the line, it seems prudent to revel in successful cases of mutation and reassembly rather than wait with tensed muscles for the next hit…

(top to bottom: A homeowner’s front yard offers a burst of color on grey PNW days; stumbling into a clearing-turned-art gallery adds interest to a hike; detail of Deborah Butterfield’s bronze “Dance Horse,” cast to look like driftwood; patchwork’d but proud in a small Oregon town; an old farm tree lives to tell a tale; because the sight of plants in plumbing never gets old)

3 Responses

  1. Vix, I wish you a chill and smooth arrival in 2011!

  2. Thanks Ms Paula!

    I’ve been out of town and will be catching up on your holiday doings….

  3. Ahh, I hope you managed to get some relaxing time squeezed in amongst the holiday hectic and family responsibilities!
    And with luck, 2011 will be steadier and more serene… if that’s what you want, of course 🙂

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