Gratuitous Color Shot #6 and #7: Trick + Treat

I can’t say that I’ve been having a lot of fun lately, but I CAN say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the fun I’ve been having. Treats have brought much more pleasure than expected and mild tricks have turned out to be brilliantly-colored delights.

In the spirit of Halloween, then, I’m violating my usual SOP and using one of Ms Eileen’s portraits as a Gratuitous Color Shot.


What can I say? Tromping around a local farm with Eileen was such a blast and her photo of me was so deliciously lush that I couldn’t resist sharing another reminder of our day together…with her permission, of course.

Despite the fact that doing so means I’m featuring 2 pumpkin shots in a row.

Ms Eileen provides the clue that solves the case: OBVIOUSLY it was ‘Vix in the Zinnia Patch with a Demonically Possessed Pumpkin’

Hmmmm; that’s a lot of pumpkin love coming out of the ether. Sure, the color is magical during this time of year, but maybe my lazy subconscious is actually at work?

…pumpkins symbolize prosperity, abundance, descendant’s luck, illustrious children, and enchantment

…pumpkin juice calms down the nervous system

…Cinderella’s masquerade as a wealthy young woman owes a great deal to the transformation of a pumpkin into a (very temporary) coach

…the Gopikas looked upon the pumpkin as a symbol of large-heartedness

…pumpkins are associated with sex and sexuality, fertility, vitality, moisture, creative power, rapid growth, and sudden death

Damn, when my subconscious gets off its arse it doesn’t mess around!

But what of my other recent obsession, the Laughably Short But Ridiculously Wonderful Ferry Ride?

What subterranean meaning doth a $2, 580-foot ferry ride—taken when Mr Vix and I unexpectedly found ourself at a river bank with no other way across, other than walking—haveth?

The 580-foot ferry trip: It takes longer to read this caption than to cross on the Wheatland Ferry

Well, if one is at a tarot card reading, the news isn’t great: apparently, boats tend to forecast that four-letter word, WORK:

Boat symbolism in the tarot reminds us of our responsibility to navigate through emotional tides of life. Furthermore, boats are the vehicle in our energetic seas of existence.

…[R]ecall themes of navigation in ships and boats. Also remember that it is a vehicle in which to move from point “a” to point “b.” Metaphorically speaking, our will is our vehicle—how we navigate it will be either the wind in our sail, or the storm on our seas.

My will is my vehicle?

Now if that isn’t a scary thought to someone prone to (mentally) going around in circles and (literally) crashing into things, I don’t know what is. Next year I hope my subconscious just says “BOO!” and is done with it….

7 Responses

  1. Lily was a pumpkin for Halloween. He-weasel thinks it is sexy when I make pumpkin pie. I do make a pretty great pumpkin pie. I think I had a book as a child in which some animals used a pumpkin as a boat. I don’t think they used the boat to go to work. I think their cruise was a leisure cruise. Okay…enough of my free associations.
    “will is our vehicle”. I am, as of late, really feeling the truth of that statement. Hope your will takes you where you want to go.

  2. LBR —

    I see you’ve already been channeling the power o’ the pumpkin…and the results are clearly seen on your blog!

    I hope my “will as vehicle” doesn’t crash into yours as we try to navigate to calmer/bluer/warmer seas.

  3. Hi Vix!

    I have never walked through a pumpkin field. You must have felt like Linus from the peanuts. It was him, who waited all night for the pumpkin man?

    I enjoy both postings and would not mind a third!

    Apropos third, it was probably during the third season of Mad Man when Mr Paula “got it”. He watched through season 4 way faster than I did. It does not change that it is a slow and often a little boring show. What I want to say: again, he was hooked.
    Since there is no tv-drama I can be addicted to right now, I decided to mop the floors when I returned. Ahead are 2 seasons of Gossip Girl. Should I really waste my time or rather iron the lint free clothes in the kitchen drawer or do both, at the same time?
    Have a nice weekend! Paula

  4. PS: having watched an episode of Gossip Girl Season 3 (After having watched season 1 and 2 and most of Season 3 I know I am not going to watch any more Gossip Girl. brrrrrrrr. Mad Men obvisouly left an antidote in my drama-system. oh, yes, forgot: in japanese the shows are called “Drama”. I like it. that’s why I use the word.
    you see, there is a lot I like you to know 🙂


    And makes me laugh! So are we tied in our MM watching? I think so; glad you corrupted Mr Paula to the sloooow pace.

    Just because there is no TV for you, you mop the floors, huh? That’s why we have the internet, honey!

    ps Stay tuned…I am hoping to do a post on yes, a TV show. Now that I know my review may be all that’s standing between you and ironing kitchen cloths I better get on it.

  6. Dear dear dear vix, can you imagine how much I MISS this time online! Right now it is 1.50am CET and I returned from my second job. (but it’s full of self-fulfillment). This morning I begged Mr Paula to convince me to say no to the last project before Christmas. It would come with a deadline around mid-december which would spoil the nice season! Especially since I will make a weekend-trip with Mr Paula to friends in a nearby city plus 2 theatre shows plus the blogsphere. *sighhhhhhh*
    My first step towards declining this project took place when I invited my youngest niece (7yrs) for a sleep-over at Aunt Paula’s place, the place where we prepare pancakes with glitter for dinner. The first thing she checks out when she arrives are Bruno and Marie Curie, the two bears you met earlier on on my blog. *double sighhhh*
    Good night! :-*
    PS: this is what comes out when I post past 1.30am.

  7. sorry, again another PS: when I returned from work I wanted to open the Gossip Girl folder, just to find it deleted (I deleted it, 24 hours ago, HAR HAR).
    Plus: the last episode of Mad Men is still in my system. So comforting. This felt good, those nice vibes around Don Draper. Engagement rings and secretaries. Shallowness at its best. 🙂

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