With Sunny Delight fall weather still on our horizon, my pal Ms Eileen and I decided it would be fun to grab our cameras and tromp around a pumpkin patch or two this weekend. By the time we dragged ourselves away from investigating farm machinery, though, there wasn’t enough light for my little point-and-shoot to capture field-plucked produce.


Luckily, a quick handover of—and tutorial on—Ms E’s fancy Nikon gave me the chance to grab a few thematic shots as dusk fell.

At first, I felt a bit remorseful about my pumpkin neglect. But having spent the last few months breaking off pieces of my personality and (alleged) skill set so that I could recombine the chunks to suit a variety of needs, is it any wonder I got caught up by items redolent of some-assembly-required?

…the parts which create the whole can be precise, organic, or—especially as age takes its toll—an intriguing and rather high-maintenance mixture of both…


(top to bottom: The sum of an old farm truck’s parts add up to plenty of charm; A meet-and-greet lasts but moments; ferris wheel-esque farm machinery; a pumpkin-wielding Ms Eileen amongst the mums; sunlight catches the curves on farm machinery at rest; diagonal grooves wrap around a steel rod)

5 Responses

  1. Love the dog and chicken photo and the pumpkin one too. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing them with us.xoxo

  2. LBR —

    You see why I’ve been shamelessly behind my blog reading/commenting…trying to soak up nature before it soaks me.

    I knew dog lovers such as yourself would have a favorite! And it’s always fun to try to force Ms Eileen in front of the camera vs behind it…she is a much more interesting subject than she thinks. Many thanks for stopping by.

  3. I wonder what the dog and chicken were saying to each other??

  4. Great great shots, Vix! Hmmm. Makes me want a Nikon. Is it an SLR? Remember the model? (My nice little Canon is not an SLR and, truly, that deferred timing drives me nuts.)

    I think the chicken might be telling the dog that the Salem City Council reversed itself recently and decided to allow chickens in the city limits. If the letters to the editor were any example of the passion that played out in front of numerous hearings, well, let’s just say that it is no longer only a dog’s life!

  5. Struggler —

    If you have a chance to see the comment below yours, I think Lydia’s nailed the conversational topic.

    Lydia —

    I like the idea of a dog-chicken game of…chicken? Have I mentioned that my city-living self lives next door to some squawky urban chickens? I can understand the passionate City Council hearings!

    I will have to get the details on Ms Eileen’s camera for you; it’s a D-SLR the size of a small car with a million manual setting options. I was definitely able to snap frame after frame of her with pumpkins before she ran away!

    All others were taken with the usual—an aging Sony the size of a cell phone—which I normally adore but does have many weaknesses…the meandering timing being one of them. [Operator error sometimes being another!]

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