Recently, I ended up less relaxed after a semi-vacation than I was before I left. It’s sure great to have such a knack for doing things ass-backwards!

Revised goals: stop wringing myself out like an old dishrag over things I can’t control, adopt a zoot suit swagger, and give self-doubt the stink eye.

Let’s say I get to cross everything off my list—now wouldn’t that be a gas?

…when feeling ho-hum, it’s relatively simple to get inspired by those who bring a little devil-may-care flair to less outspoken environments…

(top to bottom: Making a statement in Santa Rosa’s only historic ethnic/working class neighborhood; street-side chess in Sebastopol; dusk brings sexy swirls to a low-key Santa Rosa street; in Northern California, a homeowner’s glowing peaches brighten a sidewalk stroll; a gorgeous 40’s era Buick 8 convertible finds a shady spot to view Sonoma Plaza Park)

9 Responses

  1. What beautiful photos.

  2. LPC —

    They are quite different from your recent Zen-like “barely inhabited Sweden” photos, but I do find them cheering. Thank you!

  3. Love the images full of life…and zoot suit swagger!

    Thanks for your beautiful words…you are a true artist . And I heard them!

    Lots and lots of love!

  4. That car! Those peaches. Le sigh!
    I certainly hope you can give self-doubt the stink eye. Love all the swagger that you exhibit in this post and throughout your blog.

  5. Dear Linda —

    So happy to hear your family is now less under siege, and that the words many of us threw your way helped comfort you a bit! May the health and happiness continue to amass in Florida.

    LBR —

    I’m tryin’, sister, I’m tryin’…though I just ran out of thread for my “Fake it til you make it” cross-stitch.

    Entries like these are definitely my way of combining my uber-micro with the more important macro!

  6. Ah yes, vacations that bite us on the behind like that really do stink.
    I saw a piece of advice recently: “Pick battles small enough to win, but big enough to matter”.
    Hope you had a restful weekend 😉

  7. Struggler —

    It was seriously My OwnDamnFault for not having realistic expectations. Love the advice, it’s the implementation that is a “struggle” for me!

  8. Hi Vix,

    I probably can’t figure this out on my own: “zoot suit swagger”.
    Please help me out!
    I love the photos, especialle peaches+Buick!

  9. A belated hi, Ms Paula —

    Hmmm, where to start with “zoot suit swagger”? It’s a bit of cultural appropriation from me, really, since 40s-era zoot suits [balloon pants + oversized, broad shouldered jackets] were strongly associated with the segregation-defying jazz world as well as with Mexican American teens/youth.

    The latter resulted in Los Angeles police and servicemen using the suit as a marker for racial profiling of Mex-American youth during a sadly violent phase in the city’s life:

    To me, then, zoot suits are a symbol of many things: confidence, pride, expression, boldness, defiance….

    Hope that context helps!

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