She snags seashells far from the seashore

Yes, I have shimmering walls, lamps, and bags. And yes, my black lip oyster jewelry has helped reduce the pain of lacking a vintage abalone, electric kool-aid acid test of a bracelet.

But since when have I let abundance stand in the way of my greed?

Besides: the universe apparently WANTS to enable my shell fixation, because thanks to dumb luck and a talented, kind-hearted invisipal I now have these in my grabby little paws:

New-to-me vintage abalone pendant meets all-mine kyanite/shell creation

My good fortune began as I was gearing up to go see family in Northern California. A knock on the door and holy cow, my friend Heidi’s for-no-real-reason gift was handed over. Inside I found the present she created her very ownself, a present calibrated to cater to both my shell obsession AND my aqua love…as well as work with a large swath of my closet.

As Heidi’s style epitomizes rustic elegance, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see that even her gift wrapping oozed a low-key, organically inclined sensuality. No wonder one of the earrings she tossed into the package at the last minute wanted to be a part of things!

Inspired by her presentation, I felt the least I could do was pair the necklace with another one of my “How to Wrap a Rectangle” tops…a blouse that does such a great job of making me think I have an hourglass shape that I don’t resent dragging it to the cleaners:

I can only assume that tucking Heidi’s gift in my suitcase brought me good luck in California, because while I was wandering aimlessly in a huge antique mall I found the sweetest little $24 abalone pendant amongst all the many many geegaws and goods of yesteryear.

I suppose if one wanted to be TECHNICAL about classifications, the purchase probably qualifies as another member of my “Cheap Accessories That Look Like Flowers” collection. And I admit there’s a strong resemblance to my strangely-guaranteed-to-get-a-compliment Ode to Ethel pendant, the earrings I think of as Blue Curaçao Blossoms, and my Dimestore Norma Desmond ring.

Between the iridescence, the slightly convex center, and the shape of the encircling elements, though, I can’t help but think of my newest acquisition as being a ShrinkyDink version of those tenacious green sea turtles:

One of Hawaii's federally protected green sea turtles, c Lorenzo Menendez/National Geographic's "My Shot"

And I admit I take some comfort in believing I’m wearing a turtle-esque talisman, because the species represents all kinds of qualities I could use right now.

The turtle is an important symbol in the mythologies of many indigenous cultures, usually representing creation, longevity, and wisdom in these belief systems.”

Given that, I’ll certainly be tempted to reach for my abalone wonder when I’m not adorned in Ms Heidi’s lightweight stunner. Because while my new-to-me beauty loves socializing with its own blues and greens, it’s also the perfect counterpoint to those “serious” combinations best worn when taking things slow and steady could win one the proverbial race.

2 Responses

  1. Vix, you look like a wrapped gift, wearing the blue dress.
    This necklace would make me smile for sure!

    May I ask, since I reached the limits: what is the invisipal ? Someone like Harvey?

  2. Paula — Thank you!

    Re invisipal: Ha, it *is* sort of like Harvey…though I use the term to refer to people I’ve “known” for several years via online forums. Even though I’ve eventually met some—like Buff—in person, I don’t seem to change their label!

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