Gratuitous Color Shot #3: If seven maids with seven mops

Back in the early 1900s, Seattle’s established social clubs sat in folded-arm contempt as those who made money during the Klondike gold rush erected a 9-story temple to fraternization.

In case there’s any doubt that adventurers—and those who profit from them—bring a much-needed dash of brio to society, behold the adornment on their gathering place:

Late afternoon sun warms the facade of downtown Seattle’s historic Arctic Club

Like any good exploration team, the architects of the now-landmark building were well-researched and -prepared for the terrain’s hazards. Led by A. Warren Gould, they mastered function and went on to conquer form:

The Arctic Building was one of the earliest to use terra cotta panels placed over a steel reinforced concrete frame; however, unlike other early users of this technique (such as the Hoge Building), the Arctic Building sported not just off-white panels but also used submarine blue and orange-brown.”

The former men’s club is now the Doubletree Arctic Club Hotel, so if you’re staying in—or just wandering around—Seattle, why not give the walruses a look-see? I haven’t investigated how they’re handling life post-conversion, but as they’re now crowning a space that includes a watering hole dubbed the Polar Bar, I like to think they continue to feel right at home.

3 Responses

  1. I just came from a blog in which the blogger’s mother had a dream about being a walrus. The mother was talking in her sleep and asking for people to check out her teeth. I know that this dream has nothing to do with your beautiful post and yet when I saw the amazing detail on the arctic club I just had to share the synchronicity.
    Hope you have a gorgeous weekend!

  2. Those guys have a lot of character!

  3. LBR —

    After seeing this shot, my pal Madeline sent me an email (that may have been in code, I’m not quite sure) related to walruses and family members. Now you have another walrus tale.

    Clearly, walruses are the new black.

    Struggler —

    I know…don’t they have a ton of personality? I think the tusks — apparently once genuine ivory (tsk tsk) but since replaced — help quite a lot with that.

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