Dimestore Norma Desmond

Since we’re a week out from our last real sunbreak, I decided to bring my own sparkle to the table. What’s that? It’s a bit gauche to accessorize one’s T shirt and grocery run with a boisterous cocktail ring?

Baby, don’t be that way. After all, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Grocery-store-bound grandiosity

Since I haven't pulled a weed in 2 weeks, my $10 ring and I are (relatively) ready for our close-up

3 Responses

  1. veeeeery nice…

  2. Sing it sister! Makes my grocery store jaunts in yoga pants and an old T seem downright anemic!

  3. Christine and Linda —

    Thanks much! You should have seen that baby sparkle in the canned bean aisle.

    Between my “Ode to Ethel” necklace — http://wp.me/pyyMZ-yc — and my “Blue Curaçao Blossoms” ear-decorators — http://wp.me/pyyMZ-1eX

    I think my love of cheap flower accessories may be getting out of control!

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