Strawberry Fudge Ripple Top

My stylish invisipal Buff was in town this weekend. To honor both her visit and the shockingly persistent sunshine, I wore my Strawberry Fudge Ripple tank, a top The Mellow Glamazon created for me after I left a bundle of $4-a-yard Missoni fabric on her doorstep.

Breaking out a big hat + favorite shell necklace for the weekend sun

Now I’ve already fessed up to having a stripe fetish—especially when said design is combined with Donna Summeresque shimmer. So finding this clearance rack’d, demi-sheer fabric had both those elements plus an actual, by golly! 3-D ripple effect built into it?



When I first told the MG that I wanted a mullet top, she didn’t blink. In fact she picked up what I was throwin’ down, you dig? Toss a jacket or cardigan over Ripple, and it’s a demure layering piece; on its own, though, the low back has more of a school’s-out-forever vibe:

Custom designed with a small drape in front...and a low back that works with my standard infrastructure

[While pairing the top with chocolate or vanilla is a no-brainer, I’m kind of digging it with grey right now.]

As our catch-up breakfast left Ms Buff impressed with Ripple’s ability to accommodate many a pancake AND flatter my face, we decided to hit the Mellow Glamazon’s studio/shop to see if any existing pieces suited my visitor’s particular brand of loveliness.


Once alterations are complete, a multi-season patterned knit wrap dress and a couple of deeply discounted cooler-weather items will wing their way towards her. While I’m perhaps a bit too happy that she’ll have some wearable mementos of her Oregon trip, I’m primarily psyched that she’ll have some new clothes that work perfectly for her life, closet, and body.

It wasn’t til we’d say our goodbyes outside the store that I realized how strongly I’ve come to feel about supporting folks who labor locally or online to produce their wares.

It’s not really for holier-than-thou reasons, either. I just think that quality-driven buyers on tighter budgets—and people with fit and/or sizing issues—often end up better off when they sink their time/money into customized offerings. [Or learn to sew!]

Because seriously: it’s much harder to look good wearing poorly-constructed clothes made of crappy fabric. Of course people pull it off, but I never did. And unfortunately I had to learn the hard way that the price tag does not always correlate to quality or likelihood of flattery.

Now I’ve documented enough of my off-the-rack and made-to-measure clothes that it’s obvious I’m not a fashion-forward dresser. But if I WERE I bet dollars to donuts that I could find someone to go all Project Runway on my behalf as long as the town had more than 20 people in it.

Anyone want to give it a spin and report back? If so, I’m all (hat-covered) ears.

Interested in exploring a backroads journey to style but stuck for where to start?

  1. Beg for seamstress recommendations at the nearest bridal shop (alterations central!) or fabric store
  2. See who handles costumes for your high school drama department
  3. Look online for local resources, but don’t rule out “e-creations” from places like Etsy

8 Responses

  1. *Love* this post. I’ve been thinking about this kind of thing for a while. Very inspiring. And that top is to DIE for!

  2. That top looks *awesome* on you!

    I’m still full from those pancakes.

  3. Christine — Thank you!

    Based on what I see on your blog, I think you would really enjoy getting to exercise your creativity via a collaboration…and you can always email me if you want to talk more privately about pros/cons.

    Buff — Despite the Pancake Bribe biasing you in my favor, I appreciate the real-life reportage/compliment! Can’t wait to hear how you like being out and about in your new duds.

  4. Vix, that sounds awesome! I’d love to do something with you. If you like, you can email me at cmuberti[at]gmail[dot]com.

  5. Definitely love your top – you’re right, depending on what you do (or don’t!) wear with it, it has multiple personalities…

  6. Thanks, Ms Struggler! I love the top’s options but admit it felt so good to be warm and summery that day vs layered up….

    ps Christine, I shot you an email but FYI my .yahoo sometimes hits spam filters.

  7. Hey I have some of that fabric too. Is your top lined? I couldn’t see how to make mine be non seethrough.

  8. Hi Ruthie —

    Yes, mine has a poly stretch knit lining. Wish it were a stretch silk lining instead, but it gets the job done!

    Would love to see what you create with it…I have more of the fabric and am torn between having it made up into a regular ole sleeved sweater vs some kind of topper.

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