After two weeks of rain and pollen overload, my adopted state and I aren’t really on speaking terms. I’ve tried hard to be on Team Suck It Up, but there are only so many times one can say, “Wow, the grey skies sure make the lush greenery look even greener!” without wanting to beat one’s (congested, throbbing) head against a damp wall.

It’s a true statement, though.

Which is why, when the skies stayed intact for a bit, I ventured off to see what was going on with our deservedly lauded landscape. Funny how I’m finally immune to charming rakes, but it doesn’t take much for the Pacific Northwest to re-seduce me.

…since Oregon rains have a way of encouraging growth and rooting people’s dreams in fertile soil, maybe I should stop constructing an ark and instead go with the proverbial flow…

(top to bottom: Terracotta plant people relax at the Oregon Garden; PNW conifers tipped with new growth; Flat roofs + Oregon rain? Frank Lloyd Wright’s Gordon House may be on its second life, but it’s still going strong; peonies fresh from an Oregon field; at the Oregon Garden, pollinating mason bees work for their room and board)

PSA: Take a virtual tour of The Gordon House—Frank Lloyd Wright’s only Oregon building—and learn how moving it from one part of the state to another let it escape destruction

5 Responses

  1. Here’s to Team “No Need To Feel Guilty For Installing A Contraband Canadian 6GPH Toilet…”

  2. Ha ha — so true!

    I actually have a dual-flush commode, but whenever I’m feeling exceptionally bitter about the weather I take loooooong showers.

  3. Ah, it looks really beautiful, but I can taste the pollen from here!

  4. Ok….feel free to kick my teeth in, but I often LONG for rainy gray seemingly hormonal/moody days. I imagine there is a wistful beauty in them. Once in awhile.

    Sunny, happy, melanoma induced days are overrated. So say I.

    I’m smiling. Kick away.

  5. Hmmmmm…yes, I can see how living in an almost eternally sunny tropical paradise COULD leave one longing for something less cheerful, ha!

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