All Up In My Grillz Clutch

Whenever I live with someone else, I pretend my tolerance for squalor is lower than it actually is. A lot lower. Since I don’t ACTUALLY think laundry yearns to be put away or recyclables long for immediate reincarnation, my charade helps keep me in line.

Give me the opportunity to revel in a bit of sloth, though, and I’m all over it. After driving Mr Vix to the airport a few days ago—mere hours after I’d arrived home from same—I was rather forlorn. In a bid to enjoy my freedom and operating under the assumption of “one can’t be rude and inconsiderate if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it,” I left my suitcase mere steps from the front door, scattered makeup products around the bathroom, and dumped stacks of random junk in inconvenient places.

Annoyingly, this greatly increased the time it took me to get dressed and do my toilette, and every time I had to move implements of beauty to get to the soap I found myself thinking, “How rude and inconsiderate!”

All this cavorting with chaos also meant that I was scrambling to clean up and unpack before territorial realignment…the same way I know he was scrambling to declutter and de-cat hair the joint before I’d arrived home. In the midst of my efforts and my “Dang, we need to have people over before we revert to how we actually live!” train of thought, I discovered I’d never broken out my super-cheap-yet-ridiculously-compelling Grillz clutch while back East.


I hate dragging things along and then not using them.

My klassy $5 Grillz clutch makes me laugh (but I love the pleating)

It may be lean and mean, but it's roomy enough to hold the necessities

Perhaps strangely, the clutch reminds me of a shawl I got in San Francisco approximately one million years ago:

Detail of the vintage silver/black scarf that I've owned for 20 years

At one point during our life together, I found myself using the glittery textile to swag my living room window.


But really, when not stretched across a pane of glass or worn Stevie Nicks-style [guilty!], the shawl’s floral details are pretty much obscured. Folded in upon itself, the silver threads take center stage and generate an effect that’s less draped piano and more planetarium ceiling. Or—if in a lovely unpolluted and atmospherically cooperative place—the ACTUAL night sky.

It's been 20 years since this "gently used" critter left a Haight Street shop with me, yet I still lack a decent photo of its shimmering, silvery self -- so this 2009 pic will have to do... FYI, enlarging really enhances the detail

Despite the fact that my brain has created a relationship between these two accessories, I wouldn’t usually PAIR them. I mean, my Minimalist Magpie and Contrarian Classicist sides can just about handle each of them independently—though they bicker over the category assignments and I refuse to take sides—as long as everything else I’m wearing knows its place. Putting indeterminate shiny material + gold teeth + fringe + sparkly in the same zone would clearly be of a lot of lotness. Otherwise known as The Gilded Lily’s natural state.

Since it’s been a week of lower-end temperatures and horrendous thunderstorms and less-than stellar news, however, I think Mr Vix and I should go out for a reunion dessert, and I think I should have both items in tow. Ideally it’ll be a spot that’s dim and clandestine and cozy, the better to encourage languor and indulgence. Someplace where the light bounces off Grillz’ smile, encouraging us to do the same. Someplace where the shine on flamboyant threads reminds us that within every cloud, there’s reputed to be a silver lining.

Since this post is terribly monochromatic, I will throw in a photo of how I travel(led):

Four years ago, I started to aim for traveling light + bright

3 Responses

  1. Yay fun stuff.

    Last week on a trip, The Emperor and I tagged San Francisco (as in “tag, you’re it” – just a drive-through). I am pretty sure I was the only one in all 5 airport mises-en-place with a purple carry-on (“personal item” was a pewtery silver 🙂 ). Gosh I love that thang.

  2. I am with you on traveling bright. I have orange and red suit cases. But light? What is this light you speak of? I had two large suit cases for my recent trip to NYC and I used everything I took(save one dress).

  3. Someone and LBR —

    Glad to know I have company in the bright (if not the light, which really isn’t THAT light since I cram tons of stuff into my carry ons).

    I try never to check my bag, but every so often I am forced to (tiny plane etc) and appreciate how easy it is to spot my case. I’ll be on the lookout for purple and red ones so I can stalk you all.

    [And hmmmmmm, I have no idea what “tagging” is and have to go Google, but I’m intrigued.]

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