Based on recent conversations, I’m not alone in swinging from ants-in-my-pants restlessness to decommissioned-freighter mode. Could the diagnosis be as simple as spring fever?

…tis the season when it seems imperative to shake off the doldrums, say sayonara to the mundane, and dropkick the characterless to the curb…

(top to bottom: Catching air in the Balboa Park (CA) amphitheater; evoking perfection at the Villa Capri by the Sea (Coronado, CA); stumbling across Mustang Sally in a local parking lot; the Corvallis (OR) Whiteside Theatre declares itself; marveling at rust-free beauties while enjoying the PNW coast; an Oregon tulip farm has no shortage of  standout specimens)

7 Responses

  1. Gorgeous, all of them!

  2. HA! Love this post. Classic Vix! evocative, edgy and spanked with color!

    Happy Spring dear woman! Start drop-kicking the characterless to the curb…rightto the dayum curb!

  3. B-i-n-g-o — Many thanks! Don’t you just want that gorgeous 2-tone gas guzzler?

    Linda — Thank you, thank you. This is def one of my photo essays that could be titled “note to self.” I am aimin’ to do what I suggest and you second!

  4. Wow – that Villa Capri neon sign is fabulous! Love it!

  5. Thanks, Jody! Were I a local and the owner of the blue Mustang, I’d love to swan into the Villa Capri in a color-coordinated Couture Allure dress….

  6. Hello Vix!
    your blog challenges my English vocabulary what I actually appreciate! I am also infected by spring fever. Hope it lasts!

  7. Hi Paula — My blog challenges *my* English vocabulary, so we are together in that!

    Thanks for stopping by; as you can see I’m a big fan of tulips, so I appreciated your recent shots of Viennese-area roadway plantings. I’m putting the link below so that others can enjoy:


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