Greyed Anatomy


I recently did this year’s spring/summer closet analysis and realized I might want to pass on buying any grey or black for the warm-weather months. Or quite possibly ever.

Between January and March, though, I naively brought a couple of grey things home. [Ok maybe more like a few. Or possibly “several.”] And if we’re counting pattern—which I will because pattern continues to be a big step forward for me—I bought black. After all, having alloted most of my fall/winter/spring clothing budget to festively hued items, it SEEMED like I should have plenty of color-color knocking around.

Pre-audit, I didn’t understand the harm 5 little items—4 of which were practically being given away—could do to my wardrobe goals.

With my innocence* intact, I never thought to be on guard from this completely over-the-top alternative to my usual plain-Jane-Grey T-shirts. Far from it. Diagonal seaming AND asymmetric draping? Clearly its construction was ideal for helping an ol’ Rectangle such as myself create a few curves. And once home, it never crossed my mind to take it back, given the way its outgoing nature led it to immediately pair up with some old and less-old favorites:

A favorite pair of Clarks meets up with lightweight cords and an extravagantly draped T

New-to-the-queue draped T meets up with older pals

Awwwww...Rectangle-shape-friendly diagonal seaming and draping

But my whoops, I did it again buys [3 solids + 2 patterns aka 1 scarf, 1 pair of casual pants, 1 cardigan-eque wrap and 2 tops]

came with a price other than their fairly modest literal one. I mean there’s no doubt they’re right at home with my closet’s majority leadership, and there’s no doubt they’re versatile. But my wardrobe’s tonality teeter-totter is once again heading briskly DOWN to the dark side.

Does my Contrarian Classicist persona have something to do with these purchasing shenanigans? Probably.

So to give her a break from all the hothouse hues, sunny-delight shades, and perky patterns I’ve been wearing and plotting to wear, I’ve decided to work my not-so-little capsulette. No grey with peeeeenk, no black with berry—just a little cheating with a scarf whose steely-blue sassiness is out of place elsewhere.

While the dial around here is still set to “COLOR,” I think today’s recap shows there’s something to be said for stormy-weather shades.

Here I go again: Ruched blouse + cotton/linen ruffled cardigan, both from seasons past

Old friends: Pearlized pewter heels, ruched blouse, lightweight ruffled cardigan

Hinting at waist definition (or so I tell myself) blouse + 1/2 of an 2007-era suit...a grey tropical wool pencil skirt left at retro-esque length though hemming it up would benefit my shorter-dimension'd gams

A Ms Eileen pic of my shell ring with the new scarf that's sneaking into the grey capsule

Another Ms Eileen pic of my even-scarf-idiots-like-me-can-work-this item that's sneaking into the grey capsule

Year 3 or 4 for this year-round delight, from one of my favorite local (flounce-inclined!) designers...worn with my How to Wrap a Rectangle top (a go-to since fall 08)

With special thanks to Ms Eileen—whose photography objectives I explain here—for the gorgeous scarf shots.

* Less innocence than willful ignorance, but the latter rather ruins the narrative arc.

5 Responses

  1. Well, you may be finding the color a little yawnsome, but I for one are loving these garments – the ruffled cardi and pewter heels literally have me a little green with envy. IMHO, you do the feminine/classic/slightly sexy look enormously well.

  2. Ms Struggler — Thank you much! That sort of look is totally counter to my personality, but unfortunately jumpsuits and bathrobes don’t suit my shape, ha.

    I know I will always be drawn to somber shades worn solo, but at least in the last 2 years I’ve realized the common-sense thing that a little texture and shine in the mix helps. Those ruffled cardigans are (again) everywhere, so if you want one go for it!

    And even I, a non-shoe person, have to agree the pumps are gorgeous…the pearlized leather kicks up in dim lighting. [Ditto for the comfy Clarks sandals, actually.]

    But the damn things are kind of evil (even after my having the little strap across my arch cut off). I snapped them up at Nordstrom Rack for a bargain price several seasons ago thinking they were Cole Haan Air due to the rubber tread, but they are just regular CH, arrrgh! I pride myself on heels I can comfortably walk 3+ miles in but these ain’t they.

    Too pretty and leg-lengthening to ditch, too sneaky to love.

  3. That draped t-shirt is FANTASTIC! Who is it by?

  4. Wendy — Thanks, I think so too! Every year I’m apt to find 1 or 2 things from Anthropologie that seem overpriced but end up being long-term favorites…this was one of ’em.

    None-upside down view here:

    [I also found it looked good with a strapless bra and off-the-shoulder…not sure if it would remain in place that way for long, but I’m planning to road test.]

    ETA: Despite the draping I think it minimizes the bust area (good for me). So if that’s an issue/concern beware.

  5. […] our moods. Clearly purple induces panic. Yellow causes full fledged terror. At least in my house. Vix suffers too. But maybe, just maybe we color-avoidant would be willing to improve our moods. After […]

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