Plan I might and plot I do/So what’s with the closet déjà vu?

Nearly six months ago I dragged out my cooler-weather clothes for inspection, humming a jaunty tune channeled directly from one of Snow White’s happier dwar…er little people. Of course once I discovered I had grossly overestimated the amount of non-black, -brown or -grey in my closet (and the amount of maintenance I needed to do before actually wearing the clothes) the sounds coming out of my mouth could easily have been mistaken for vulgar curses. Because they WERE vulgar curses.

But as Ms Hinton once opined in her coming-of-age classic: that was then, this is now.

A now characterized by freakishly warm and dry spring weather. A present where wool sweaters create an Easy-Bake oven situation by mid-afternoon and favorite color-texture combos look oxymoronic amongst the daffodils. But also a season in which my local meteorologists are dusting off the words “cold,” “cloudy,” and “rainy” at seemingly random moments.

In other words: A now in which my 5 minutes to fabulous!!! system of getting dressed is failing because I keep putting off the tediousness of a closet analysis and the loathesome task of trying every-freakin’-thing on. Which has predictably resulted in my planning to wear something(s) that turned out to be:

  • dirty
  • unflattering
  • in need of alteration or repair
  • just…not what I’d envisioned or
  • nonexistent

I can’t say my slacking was helping me allot my limited wardrobe update dollars, either.

Unlike my disciplined invisipal Heidi, I wasn’t planning on restricting myself to a capsule wardrobe per se. I just didn’t want to buy anything new unless it worked with stuff I already had. [A brilliant wardrobing technique I highly recommend called “employing Common Sense.”] Based on my most current purchases, the chances of another all-new-item’d Accidental Capsule seemed slim, but if I could make it happen then by gum, I wanted to make it happen.

Apparently I wanted to make it happen by osmosis, however.

Cleverly, I rationalized there was LESS need to get organized since I’d spent most of the budget already; what would be, would be. And then to further postpone the chore, I told myself I knew my relatively small closet well enough to start my planning process with a from-memory—ok, and “from-perusing-old-blog-posts”—color evaluation.*

This concept of inertia-based analysis started off well enough.

I knew my coincidentally trendy old favorites would be there for me, especially since recent donning of blue + green and tone-on-tone blue had resulted in some of my few seasonal successes to date.

SP/SU 10 Closet Color Analysis Group 1: Bringing out old favs aka Sea Not-So-Change

And I was confident my lightweight cardiwrap and Ole Stripey (favorite fall buys) would still be excellent foils for my denim and brown staples. Admittedly, between those old pals and my new Sarong Song Dress, raspberry sorbet blouse and—confession time—pencil skirt I had made up in the cardiwrap fabric, I now had a lot of My-Pretty-Pony-territory peeeeeenk.

SP/SU 10 Closet Color Analysis Group 2: New buys are heavy on the better-than-botox peeeenks

At least I didn’t have to worry about the browns. Reliable, dependable, versatile—of course I’d be wearing my seasonless dark brown items. Plus a few yellow-based hues. [Ok, a skirt and a pair of pants, permitted since they would be far FAR away from my face.]

SP/SU 10 Closet Color Analysis Group 3: Bitter (chocolate) above the waist, warm shades below

Ditto for the non-color items any self-respecting recovering blackaholic cherishes. The ones for times when anything other than white, black, or grey becomes too much…be it too bright, too fem, or too chipper.

SP/SU 10 Closet Color Analysis Group 4: Easy enough to dust off my Greydations Galore

And of course a couple of new purchases meant I had shoes to more or less go with everything I thought I’d be wearing. [Primarily because aside from height-with-comfort and non-stumpifying features I don’t care that much about shoes, true.]

Tales from a Non-Shoe Person: For SP/SU 10, dragging out the tried/true, plus adding a couple of new

So surely once I got up off my butt to actually LOOK in the closet and try items on, I’d see I had a super-balanced wardrobe with lots of color, pattern, and texture. Boy, Things Would Sure Be Different from this fall!


Yes; despite having put most of my clothing budget towards color-color for the last six months, my view was pretty much the same damn one I’d seen in September. In short, the bulk of my closet STILL consisted of the usual suspects (seen here quarantined from their colored companions):

SP/SU 10 Quarantine Reality: With all my closet efforts how can it be/That grey and black are almost all I see?



Well, at least I’m making progress. And have lots of clothes to pair with my understated shell ring/bracelet set. But then I guess it’s a given I’m inclined to look for the (wait for it) silver lining.

* Ms Struggler uses spreadsheets to track her wardrobe. Somehow I think my powers of denial would override even that system.

4 Responses

  1. Oy, tell me about it! I keep thinking I’ve added color to the mix, but the vast majority of items remain in the black, grey, greyish black, blackish grey, and charcoal color family. And the few brighter colors I have don’t work well with anything but the grey.

  2. Ah, good reminder it’s time for my annual drag-everything-out-and-see-what-kind-of-shopping-I-need-to-do-for-spring schtick.

  3. Your blues and greens are fab, and personally I like a splash of pink, although granted, you probably wouldn’t want to do an entire tone-on-tone pink outfit.
    I haven’t dared think about spring clothes just yet, with or without the spreadsheet 🙂

  4. Wow, if I’m ahead of the curve I better get my ice skates ready for Hell!

    Deja — YES, how does that happen? Ha to the “greyish black, blackish grey;” I certainly have accumulated a spectrum of cool greys. I added DARK brown to help get over that brights problem and it’s definitely helped me branch out.

    Ms Carole and Struggler — come on now, I need some inspiration…get on the stick!

    [Oh and I am forcing myself to put together things from each mini-capsule…so a few tone-on-tone peeeeenk outfits are in the works, though I am cheating a bit with a patterned skirt. We’ll see if I die of sorbet-shade overload!]

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