Last week was one of those times when my personality was in relative demand, but my hermit side was requesting I cease and desist with the extraversion. Without fail, I find I’m dying of boredom the second my Lone Ranger persona rides off into the sunset—and without fail, I sit with fingers a-tappin’, wishing my pals would pick up the phone, return an email, or rally for an adventure.

But instead I’m left to entertain myself. Serves me right, I know.

Responsibilities will realign, moods will shift, and connections will happen. In the meantime, I find there’s nothing like non-verbal communication to keep me from twiddling my thumbs and pinkies into exhaustion.

…sometimes when one’s out of sync with people, a dialogue with objects offers just the right amount of stimulation…

(top to bottom: Scenes from a Sunday—truck cab communication; oasis peek-a-boo; sidewalk soap opera)

5 Responses

  1. I like these, especially the first.

  2. I love those photos!

    My social self waxes and wanes. Right now she’s in ascendance, but who knows for how long?

  3. I read somewhere that extroverts get re-energized by being around people, whereas for introverts that’s tiring and they need time to be alone. I must be a huge introvert 🙂
    Lovely photos, once again.

  4. What gorgeous little slices of life! Love your non-verbal comm with things! Thanks!

  5. Thank you all! Luckily my Sunday Stumble put these in my path as my mood was a bit grim beforehand.

    Bingo — The first is my favorite too…but it was a tight race.

    Pseu — The people in your part of the world are no doubt happy you are engaging with them more rather than less right now.

    Struggler — I’ve heard it and believe it. But whenever I take those personality tests, I come out borderline. [Not “borderline personality,” just borderline I/E!] Sometimes I’m a few steps behind which one needs attendin’ to.

    Linda — Don’t you just love enjoying other people’s creativity? I’m so happy I found those 3 visions.

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