Blue Curaçao Blossoms

While blue + green may well be my favorite color combination, blue + blue runs a close second. Ethereal, Diane-Keaton-in-Something’s-Gotta-Give ensembles certainly have their charms. As a pale-skinned brunette, however, I find no devil in the deep blue sea—when even vaguely warm weather hits, I look for any excuse to cruise out the door in a tone-on-tone outfit. Though my casual, Rectangle/H-friendly “cascade cardigan” provides a pretty good reason to start walkin,’ it’s my $5 vintage enamel earrings that lead the way.

[Ok, I broke rank with the black boots.]

Now I can’t wear every Etta James hue near my face without a little intervention—wearing navy solo just highlights my undereye circles—but most shades make me look positively, alarmingly-false-advertisingly angelic. Even without Ms Eileen’s magical-fairy lighting. Naturally enough, I’m a repeat offender when it comes to buying blue. But surely there’s no denying that every wolf’s closet needs a variety of sheepish camouflauge?

9 Responses

  1. I’ve been warming up to navy, turquoise and “greenish” blues lately. Your selections are lovely!

  2. Veeerrrry nice.

  3. Thanks, Pseu and Christine! I am hoping more people find joy in Smurfing it up…blue is such a happy color (especially when paired with green).

    I have to say those earrings put me in a shockingly good mood, ha.

  4. Love that bright blue and how you pulled it all together!

  5. Dahlink…

    .Blue SO becomes you.

    I love it…and love you!

  6. Carole and Linda — many thanks! Funny how wearing it keeps me from wallowing in the blues….

  7. Gorgeous, and you’re way too clever in featuring your beautiful kitchen tiles as background, too!

  8. Love those blues. thanks for the link too!

  9. Struggler — Ha, I swear it was a coincidence (that room had the most light). But the setting does show my consistency in color-lovin’!

    Imogen — Thank you…and thanks for being such a great resource for those trying to work out their style.

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