O how I love thee, Crest Advanced Seal Whitestrips

Even for me, this is a lowbrow post.


Part of being Ms Eileen’s guinea pig while she hones her portraits o’ people means seeing lots of very…unfortunate…shots of myself. Experimental lighting can only be blamed for so much, and sadly it can’t explain the lack of Tyra-Banks-approved FIERCENESS in frame after frame. And knowing that Tyra would be disappointed hurts my heart.

However, unexpectedly, the OTHER part of being Ms Eileen’s guinea pig means seeing how truly awesomely-and-coincidentally whitened my feral chompers look even in the worst shots.

“And [sob] I owe it all to Crest Advanced Seal Whitestrips!”

I don’t have before shots, but trust me my daily coffee habit had taken its toll. Of course now I’m a little afraid I might have a daily CASW habit.

Ms Eileen's gorgeous, flattering lighting + the perfect, rare-for-me not too little/not too big (whitened) smile = I will try to pass off this photo as current until I am 95

I’ve used other Crest and Generic Brand whitestrip products in the past, but whoa CASW are the bee’s knees. Professional whitening and I have never crossed paths, so I suppose that’s still the ne plus ultra. But I’m impressed with my downhome enhancement.

[And with how damn good my scarf looks there. Go Marshalls!]

Even in Lovely-But-Not-The-Alltime-Most-Flattering-Lighting-Ever, my fangs are almost as gleam-y as my cardiwrap:

Ms Eileen documents my ferocious canines (no wonder vegetarianism holds little appeal)

Now if I could just handle drinking coffee through a straw and switch to white wine, I’d be set for life. In the meantime, I’ll have to let CASW be the grit to my oyster.

Upshot: Will stockpile. But right now there are still plenty of plastic strips to go around.

Note: No monies have been given for the writing of this post.  Product purchased by me…and I didn’t even have a stinkin’ coupon. [retail price: ~  $32/14 treatments]

4 Responses

  1. You and your scarf (but especially you) look totally gorgeous! Fancy sharing which shade of lipstick that is also?
    Funnily, I only ever drink hot chocolate through a straw. It’s a very strange quirk of mine.

  2. That *is* a quirk–unless my disliking the sensation of hot liquids through a straw is one!

    You are too kind. Trust me, I had a bit of a shock when I woke up the next day and didn’t have flawless-looking skin, ha.

    I wish I could answer your lipstick question because I’d like to be able to repeat the look. I only buy a couple of lip products a year but I tend to reuse a “collection” thing by mixing up older lipsticks with tinted lip balms. And/or I layer up a bunch of different balms/sheer lipsticks from another palette thing so I’m not sure!

    I don’t even know it’s the same in both shots. BUT it looks pretty non-shimmery + pale/my natural lip there, so I’m thinking it’s a pale rose lip pencil (I go mainstream with Bobbi Brown/Laura Mercier) and regular lip balm *or* that plus one of their lip sheers. [LM N*u*d*e Beach…apparently still in production or around as overstock, something “rose” by BB.]

    /long not helpful answer

  3. I love them too – can’t get them here ,but bought some in the States last year and they really improved the whiteness of my teeth – I hadn’t realised how yellow they’d gotten over the years.

    You have a gorgeous smile!

  4. Imogen, I would have thought CASW were a global product for sure! When you need your next fix let your readers know and we can do a care package for you.

    And many thanks for the compliment. My family has a lot of people with Big Teefs, but at least we have the big mouths to hold ’em!

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