Blue + Green should always be seen

Being an innately lazy, slapdash person, it’s quite annoying and a rather terrible burden to have friends who are always teaching themselves new tricks. I’ve debated whether I should hold their continual self-improvement against them, but I’m just so gosh darn tender-hearted that I can’t begrudge them their drive. And because opposites attract, I’m especially enthralled by my pals who are super-methodical about taking on new challenges.

Exhibit A, the assidous Ms Eileen.

Having reached a point where she feels comfortable photographing landscapes and objects, she’s decided to immerse herself in portraiture. Though she’d never say as much, I think she’s discovering that the downside of portraiture is that one requires people. People who are apt to be more outcome-oriented than a spray of cymbidium (and often significantly less charming).

While most of her willing guinea pigs let her get on with things, I took a more hands-on approach to logistical matters when we met up a couple of weeks ago. Luckily for me Ms Eileen is a game collaborator—so much so that she allowed me to play free-range chicken with some of her resulting images. Does the Her eye/My eye combination create as winning a mix as the featured colors? The bar sits pretty high, but I’d like to think so.

…Ms Eileen let me deconstruct her portraits so I could better tell one of my favorite stories…a story rounded out with a few images from my collection…

(Ms Eileen’s shots top, middle, and bottom: A favorite ruffled scarf amidst native grasses; a shawl made up of swirling blues and greens; birds of a blue-green feather flock together. My shots: A serpentine mosaic in San Diego’s Balboa Park; Hanalei’s Wai`oli Hui`ia Church)

2 Responses

  1. What a great collection of images! I love the church in particular but am somewhat ashamed to say, the day we drove past there it was raining so hard we just stayed in the car!
    I would love to own something like that shawl, too.

  2. Ms S — In my (brief) experience, the rain comes down HARD there so I don’t blame you for gazing from the car!

    The shawl was a recent purchase ~ $20 at Macy’s. If you’re in the market for scarves/shawls, they are clearing out a lot of heavier-weight styles now in favor of little silky things, and as we are reverting back to the rainy 50s it was easy to justify it as a transitional piece.

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