Sarong Song Dress [pt 2]

Previously, I referenced my in-the-works dress and expressed my delight that a sarong-centric spring was on the horizon by posting a number of sarong-inspired dresses (vintage and For Sale Now) in a range of sizes. The parade of diverse-for-the-industry lovelies VANQUISHED my invisipal Breezy’s certainty that she had to forgo the style. And seemingly convinced a few others to keep an ear out for sarong dresses singing each to each.

After nearly a year of visiting the Mellow Glamazon’s shop/studio, I knew she had a bad habit of selling gorgeous wrap dresses that looked like crap on me. [And most other short-waisted Rectangle/H types.] But once I saw the fabric-cousin of Ole Stripey tucked away in her basement, I also knew she could execute something BETTER than a stinkin’ wrap dress if I flashed her a few photos, mouthed the word “surplice,” and entreated her to help fake me up a waist and hips.

Though the process was a bit experimental (read: time-sucking for the poor MG), she finished the final alterations on my more-Donna-Summer-than-Bettie-Page dress this week. I know I’m biased but I think the results are beyond groovy. Right now I’m pairing her creation with boots and real shoes and feeling rather ladylike, but I’m pretty sure the minute I put on my salmon-colored metallic patent wedges I’ll be just this side of coke spoons: the can’t-miss accessory! territory.

Custom sarong-inspired dress (currently paired with boots but eventually partnering with metallic patent sandals)

And I’m alright with that, really.

Because while there’s no denying this dress would be stunning in a more sedate solid (tropical wool for understated sensuality, silk jersey if going for the sexxxxxxy), I’ve taken some major steps away from my closet’s natural Fall/Winter habitat and I’d like to keep on keeping-on.

[Luckily I don’t need much, since I’m bucking the tide of retail messages telling me I should wear the merest washes of color. Head-to-toe, and with yet another crop of mean-looking shoes.]

Over the last 6 months, I’ve managed to trudge—albeit slowly since I tend to spend more on less—toward more chipper horizons and and what I’m telling myself is an improved selection of “nice casual” or “casual chic” items. My tailored browns, blacks, and grey still have SOME life in them…so continuing to colorize has great appeal.

Especially when it means working with Ms Mellow to ensure fun details like pleating at the shoulders.

What I'm calling pinch-pleated shoulders though I may be incorrect

Not to mention a fit that tries hard to make me look as if I go in and out instead of straight down from shoulders to knees. Three cheers for the side-curved hems my design guru added near the end of the process.

Filling in the (surplice) neckline with a stopgap hacked-off camisole

Overlap/overlay panel and side curved hem(s)

Because I’m odd, one thing I like about the Sarong Song dress is its deceptiveness: sure, it’s a knit with a (wild!) stretch silk lining, but the lining gives it a lot of very flattering structure. The dress’ construction means it’s NOT easy-on, easy-off like most of my clothes, but luckily I wasn’t looking for the sartorial equivalent of an EZ-Pass toll card when MG and I first started talking about it.

Dress's wild stretch silk lining...

...a lining that shows through the demi-sheer fabric when a flash hits (at least nothing else shows)

Another thing I like about it? Seeing it against the floor reminds me it can stand up to my Love Canal Pumpkin purse. Yeah, I’m definitely ready to let this cross-era dress boogie on down the road for a Mai Tai. Let there be (strobe) light.

Fabric close-up/gratuitous color shot

6 Responses

  1. Well…Hot Hoover Dam! To coin YOUR phrase. That is going to be a stunner on a warm spring day with those shoes. Stretchy silk lining…who knew?!?

  2. You liked that one, huh? Well if ever a Big Butt Chair reupholstery outcome deserved it, yours did.

    Thanks for the compliment; it’s a load of fun, isn’t it? Would I clash or blend with your fabulous ikat, that’s the question. [And if others missed BBC, they need to see it.]

  3. This dress is just gorgeous. I want one. Desperately!

  4. Christine, of course I think you have wonderful taste, ha. I can’t believe it’s MINE.

    Take a little trip to the PNW and we can be dress twins…or find someone who sews and indulge yourself. [I will share my justifications/rationalizations if you need them!]

  5. It looks awesome; lovely fabric – interesting but not too loud.

  6. Thanks Ms S!

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