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While raging storms and devastating natural disasters are hitting so many places right now, my area of the PNW is having the other kind of freakish weather—the unusually warm, unusually dry kind.

Because spring sprung about a month ago and the sun has encouraged loads of tender shoots to poke their heads up, the with-fingers-crossed waiting begins. Ideally snow won’t show up to smother the tulips. And hail will veto suggestions to knock curlicued hyacinths around. But if nature gets her knickers in a twist and lets us have it, I bet we’ll still be getting off lightly compared to others. Here’s hoping global calm is on the horizon.

…a moment of appreciation for those that guard what grows (no matter how tongue in cheek the watching) or shout that spring is underway…

(top to bottom: Waiting for grass seed to grow in the Vix Household’s straw-covered yard, Feb ’10; one of Oregon’s many Daffodil Festival participants, Mar ’07; on the lookout in Amsterdam, Apr ’09; a tulip festival’s cutouts await visiting cutups, Apr 07; the Vix Household’s backyard euphorbia buds, Feb ’10)


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