Bedecked and bedazzled

Deja Pseu at Une femme d’un certain age kindly passed along a blogger-to-blogger award. While I’m pretending to find her bestowal charmingly delightful, I REALLY take it as a shocking near-admission that she enjoys mindless distraction along the lines of Kardashian clan exploits and tabloid tattling. Given that my topics are just this side of zoom lens exposés and babydaddy scandals, I certainly appreciate how my readers class the joint up!

Of course I read Pseu all the time, because her fluid, thought-provoking essays make me feel like a bluestocking instead of a ripped gym sock. Let me hasten to add that while she may seem like she spends all her free time reading literary journals and anthropological treatises and subversive-then-and-now books like My Mother, My Self, she also ties a mean scarf.

Not that I can do her online tutorials proud, however. I’m afraid I get excited when I figure out that I can jazzhands up my wardrobe by wearing an UNTIED scarf with a monochromatic, Ribbed For My Pleasure merino-and-cords* outfit:

Velvet burnout scarf--a gift from Ms Madeline--worn in a way that mitigates my Rectangled physique and keeps me from Duncaning to death

Yeah, I'm a little scarf-impaired, given that it took me 2 years to figure out I could sling this around my neck OR shoulders OR hips (the latter requires a knot, alas)

Anyway, Pseu allowed me to pick from one of two awards; both required sharing 7 things about myself. Operating under the assumption that one doesn’t need to take the award name literally—and rather liking the way the color scheme went with my photos—I chose the following:

Plus the other option had some spelling shenanigans I just couldn’t handle. [WHAT? I said I was loose around here, not that I was a Cirque Du Soleil soloist.]

7 Not-So-Secret Factoids:

1. Green beans are on my dead-to-me list.

2. I was nicknamed “Grace” as a child. It was my first introduction to irony.

3. In theory I alternate between productivity and procrastination, but in reality the dice are loaded.

4. I aspire to be a mix of surfer grrrl, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Prince.

5. Despite having no desire to sew, I’m reading lots of sewing blogs lately. Favorites include:

6. Eternally Team Aniston, even if she is a blonde.

7. I raged against the so-called “Math is Hard” Barbie, but find math really…unfortunate.

* It’s come to my attention that there some cord haters out there, but I like to pretend I’m channeling stripe-loving Joanne Woodward in mine. No matter that I wear thinwale, like Paul, because they’re less bulky.

6 Responses

  1. Loved your list. Love Pseu too.

  2. Congrats on your award, loved your (typically offbeat!) list. 🙂

  3. Thanks much, you two. And hey, I thought that list was really normal, ha!

  4. Surfer girl, mixed with Eleanor Roosevelt, mixed with Prince (who is a musical God) – verrrrry interesting mix. Love it!

  5. Thanks, Ms CA. Would love to know your mix, though I think lots of “you” sneaks into your wonderful (visually and educationally speaking) blog!

    ps I have always enjoyed Prince’s music but have become obsessed with it the last few years. I may have to save and fly to one of his concerts or something!

  6. I’m starting to realize my blogger feeder thing is broken, else how would I have missed this delightful post? The scarf is lovely and thank you for sharing your Magnificent Seven!

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