Ringside at Fizz’s Genie/Bottle bust-out [pt 4]

Before she could arrive on the other side of her major wardrobe overhaul, Ms Fizz had to confront her self-titled PLAN TO FAIL shopping strategy, address her frustration with fit/find/flatter challenges, and do battle with her foaminess-flattening forces.

Thanks to the sometimes-conflicting body shape experts mentioned earlier in this sprawling tale, Ms Fizz and I set off on our multiple shopping excursions with a pretty good idea of what shapes would best flatter her busty, height-challenged, H/Rectangle shape.

Unfortunately for us, however, Fizz has never had any professional color-typing done. Given her blue eyes and peaches-and-cream complexion, I suggested she turn her wardrobe into the love child of Tom Wolfe and the Blue Man Group, but nooooooo…she wanted to venture farther afield.

Actually she wanted to venture WAY afield into the ubiquitous bright reds and purples that have marked many a “Pantone Fall.” No question, the shades in question would have been fine for accessories or below-the-waist items, and who doesn’t love a cheerful red during a long grey winter?

Since we’d agreed to the “Glow or No?” method of assessing face-friendly colors, however, I dared her to look me in the eye and and tell me jellybean red and popsicle purple made her look like a dewy-eyed faun. Luckily the coral sweater she’d picked out (on her own, GO FIZZ) called her bluff.

In the end, we arrived at a non-scary core palette that mixed her existing browns and blacks with deep blues and cool greys. When worn together, the core shades create a fairly toned-down look. To counterpoint the core’s more somber colors, though, she also chose some make-your-presence-known items in zippy shades.

And should she be overtaken by the urge for extra-frisky ensembles? What then?!! No worries, man—she just has to facilitate a little accent-to-accent afternoon (or evening) delight.

Fizz’s Fall/Winter 09 Color Palette

Top: Core colors — Bottom: Accent colors

All Fizz’s delightful new duds cried out to be immortalized. So, using my legendary powers of persuasion and probably the smallest dab of eau de Guilt Trip, I convinced her to let me document some of the key pieces and colors snuggling up to her now-sparkling self.

Given the Dickensian lead-up, it feels a bit anti-climactic to post the results of her time, effort, and money: relatively simple styles that, with one or two exceptions, aren’t particularly connected to must-have trends.

But then that’s the point. Because unlike the almost-70 Lily, Fizz doesn’t feel the need to be plugged in to every trend on the street (let alone to wear them all at once). She didn’t close herself off to options when we were out looking, but she stayed focused on her goals.

Fizz’s Wardrobe-Update Requirements

  • Skew “PNW urban casual,” feminine, fun, versatile, flattering
  • Include some double-duty dress up/dress down pieces
  • Keep skirts right below knee to downplay knee/calf transition zone
  • Shape torso area: draw attention from stomach area; create/emphasize waist; define bust
  • Elongate neck and legs

...neither Von Unwerth nor Meisel were available to shoot Ms Fizz, so she had me showing up at her door (repeatedly)…

Vix, I worry I won’t be able to sleep without seeing a breakdown of Ms Fizz’s closet. Tell me all, or at least what you remember!”


Midnight Blue heavyweight jersey dress :: Bright Navy velvet blazer :: Medium denim wrap skirt with peacock ribbon trim :: Navy V-necked, long-sleeved T :: Lapis V-necked, long-sleeved, vertically-ruffled, ruched T :: Twilight cotton camisole :: Navy/ivory cotton blouse :: Ink thinwale trouser-cut cords [not pictured] :: Bright Navy fabulous new everyday bra [neither worn nor pictured]

[existing items] Dark denim pencil with red contrast stitching :: Bright Navy cotton cardigan  :: Medium- and dark-wash bootcut jeans


Espresso cord blazer :: Dark brown deep V, double-weight jersey top :: Brown/black patterned knit skirt :: Medium brown, knee-high stacked-heel boots

[existing items] Medium brown layering shell :: Dark brown cotton sateen faux-wrap blouse :: Dark brown cotton cardigan


Black knee-high, stacked-heel pull-on boots

[existing items] Black deep V faux-wrap top :: Black flat-heeled knee-high boots :: Black cotton cardigan :: Black wool-blend trumpet skirt :: Black deep V cotton sweater :: Black satin A-line skirt :: Black velvet blazer


Slate silk blouse with horizontal ruffle detailing :: Medium grey, V-necked long-sleeved T :: Medium grey surplice/ruched jersey sweater [not pictured] :: Grey/Navy diagonal stripe T [not pictured]

[existing] Medium grey camisole :: Grey/navy/brown/ochre sleeveless ruched top :: Grey wool-blend pants


Coral tissue merino deep-V, twist-front/ruched cardigan :: Bright olive A-line thinwale cord skirt :: Foxglove pink cotton cardigan :: Medium teal V-necked, long-sleeved, vertically-ruffled, ruched T :: Teal cotton camisole :: Periwinkle merino cardigan with jewel buttons [not pictured] :: Purple/pink patterned, scoop neck knit top [not pictured]

[existing] Pink/Grey confetti long-sleeve T :: Assorted colorful camisoles

Follow Fizz on her summertime wardrobe building: Fizz flies the coop with a pocket full of prints

5 Responses

  1. Wow, love these colors. They’re appropriate for the season without being in the least bit drab.

  2. Hey, aren’t you supposed to be shopping yourself right now? How’s it going?

    I’m very jealous of her new closet, actually! It’s now been a few weeks and she’s enjoying being able to dial the color intensity up or down depending on mood, weather, event etc.

    I encouraged her to learn from my mistakes (having only slivers of non-black, -brown, or grey color when I started over) and boy did she go for it.

  3. Hey Vix!!!!

    Glad you have a blog, girl! Noww off to check it out!

  4. Do you mean to tell me this woman needed to “Shape torso area: draw attention from stomach area; create/emphasize waist; define bust; and elongate neck and legs” — the woman in these pictures? She looks great! Seriously, if there are any figure flaws, they’re well camouflaged now.

    When I go back to work, you’re flying here to take me shopping.

  5. She does look great, doesn’t she? It wasn’t so much about hiding flaws (and those were the areas she wanted to work on/goals she set) as about creating more balance. She’s only 5’2 (say I from my lofty 5’4!) so it’s really easy to end up with one part dominating.

    And I am so up for a “Bingo Goes BAM!” Closet Makeover. Although if you start playing up your assets it may be more that your town explodes from the hotness.

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