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Hat[box] Trick

Luckily for my budget I lack the shoe fetish gene. And aside from jewelry I am not a big accessories person. So it’s a bit odd that I have such a perplexing amount of affection for the couple of little run-around-town purses I have. I spent most of last spring and summer glued to my violently orange bag:

Hey, Im easy to spot with this thing in hand!

Hey, carrying this has made it super-easy for people to spot me!

But now that Halloween is near, I feel compelled to swap my Love Canal Pumpkin purse for this wacky wallet-carrier:

I like my purses the way I like my men...old and ropey.

I like my purses the way I like my men: old and ropey. I kid, I kid...I judge all on a case-by-case basis.

How much do I wish MY top could do this?

How much do I wish I could blow MY lid like this?

Speaking from a purely objective, form-based perspective, the hatbox influence makes my bag cuter than any bug in a rug ever thought of being. True, the lid edge has a small crack and a few dings; overall, however, it’s in much better shape than I am.

In fact, when I was getting my most recent pair of emergency glasses–the ones I rarely wear because I only love OTHER people in glasses–the fit expert admired my bag and told me she used to deal with high-end purses. Then she told me that I should take very, very good care of my little $35 vintage find.


In terms of function, though, my corded charmer’s major downside is that it requires me to travel light. Which, given my chronic neck and shoulder issues, is also its major upside. Because no lie, this bag is Miss Jean Brodie strict and it won’t abide a hoarder. If you try to stuff, you’ll get guff.

2 Responses

  1. I’m no bag expert, but I honestly don’t think I’ve seen one in this style before. Brilliant, so original. And I like that it forces you to pack light!

  2. Thanks! I feel obligated to write, “I’m sure it’s OLD HAT to the vintage experts….”

    But after buying it last year I did google around a bit and while I saw lots of corded bags, I didn’t see any others like mine. The orange one is much less a PITA when I need to dig out a cell phone, but my heart belongs to Hattie.

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