Despite its status as the Grass Seed Capital of the World, my hamster-on-a-wheel immune system and I spent a small chunk of the weekend in the Willamette Valley. Mr Vix agreed to join me, but not without voicing his misgivings about a) my lack of trip planning and b) his current skepticism about the value of voyages that involve “driving someplace, turning around, then driving back.”

As my lack of advance preparation left a great deal of room for spontaneous pie- and scone-ordering opportunities, however, he may have reconnected with the joy of Just Because.

If not, well, I’m happy to share some of my merriment. I can’t say I have plenty to go around, but I will say I’m not afraid to prospect for more.

…1 day trip, 0 expectations, many jolts of happiness—maybe some day I’ll grasp that the process influences the outcome…

(top to bottom: containers in Corvallis; roadway rooms beckon travelers; Salem’s Slab soaps; along Albany’s circa 1887 Flinn Block; Corvallis’ town-wide trash can design; Albany’s Pix Theater, which began life as a livery stable)

4 Responses

  1. RE: “current skepticism about the value of voyages that involve ‘driving someplace, turning around, then driving back.'”

    That life outlook pretty much negates the point of ever doing anything at all. What’s the point of eating if it’s all just going to come out the other end eventually anyway? It’s not the days that we spent doing the same stuff as all the days before that we remember, it’s the ones where we burst out of monotony and embraced adventure and novelty.


    I mean we’ve entered the “win a trip to Hawaii” contest but right now trips = driving somewhere that may not be particularly glamorous, turning around, and coming back!

    I think Mr Vix is being more Calvinist than usual because our trashy neighbors–the ones that burnt their house down but unfortunately moved back in later!–are currently yelling things like, “I hope your car is there when you get back, you [non-pc expletive redacted]” whenever we leave the house in my vehicle.


    This is over parking spots. It makes leaving a bit nerve-wracking, but what are we going to do, sit in the house and let some babydaddies half our age terrorize us out of DAY TRIPS? I think not.

  3. The ‘joy of just because’ is one that I need to make a bit more time for, too!

    • Hey, part of the reason I write about it is so I have the reminder staring me in the face, ha. Report back about your next JoJB act, ok?

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