Ode to Ethel

I know there are women in the 40+ range who would sooner be trashed via Twitter than wear anything other than “good jewelry.” Fortunately, though, I am not one of them. For one thing, I like vibrantly-colored necklaces you can see from at least 6 feet away, and since Liz Taylor keeps sending her castoffs to that undeserving strumpet Christie I have to Make Do.

For another, I wear way, way too many tailored neutrals and thus really enjoy getting a little play that funky music white girl with my accessories now and again.

As a means to that end, post-post-intervention I started buying (and even better receiving) necklaces with chunky, semi-precious stones. Ok YES: the type of jewelry that I’ve heard dismissed as only for Upper West Side therapists or Chico’s mannequins. Given my past wardrobe and remaining Bea Arthuresque tendencies, trust me: I’m okay with channeling Meryl Streep in Prime versus channeling Meryl as SHE channels Anna “A&W Root Beer” Wintour.

Intriguingly, however, the doodad that’s my #1 Guaranteed Compliment-Getter since I bought it last spring is this plastic dahlia:

And that just cracks me up. I mean my prickly pink delight isn’t even FANCY vintage plastic like Lucite or Bakelite, nor can I squirt water from its center.

Despite its limitations, however, I’ve had this hunk of apparently-fantastic plastic cooed over when sporting it with suit jackets, sweaters, and Ts. Surely it must have something to do with the resemblance to vintage bathing caps?

Or maybe it’s a collective, subconscious love of The Graduate?

Since I hate umbrellas and feel like a horse when I wear a hood, perhaps I need to take a cue from my darling dahlia and pizzazzify my rainwear. There are enough retro-style caps here and here to bedeck the masses, so I’ve got time to mull over my options. Plastic flowers, on the other hand, don’t just grow on trees.

4 Responses

  1. I think this deserves the compliments you’re getting; it’s unusual, striking, and rather pretty.
    But the bathing cap likeness is kinda spooky! 🙂

  2. Vix, thank you so much for placing the link towards this posting in todays post.
    As you know I just started reading your blog recently and I would have missed a big big laugh … the pendant next to the bathing caps is the best laugh I had in a long time. 😀

    PS: I hope you get notifications when readers post even to old postings like this one.

  3. I absolutely get to hear what everyone has to say, no matter how long after I post they say it!

    SO glad you got a laugh from the pairing of my pendant and the Esther Williams’ caps…caps that prudent older women (often named Ethel or Lucille, for some reason) still wear when they are in the pool!

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