I bet Sally Field doesn’t run with scissors

Struggler at Struggling to be Stylish kindly passed along a blogger-to-blogger award:

Problem is, in accepting the award one is supposed to fulfill various requirements. Requirements I will, depending on how lax one’s point of view is, either bend or ignore. That probably disqualifies me from receiving future awards of this type, huh?

I swear I considered recusing myself from sticking ole Honest Scrap on this vehicle, but I find the icon graphically pleasing and kind of enjoy seeing it here.

Poor Struggler, choosing a lame and oppositionally-defiant duck as an awardee!

10 Honest Things About Myself (in Addition to What’s Above):

1. I grew up on murder mysteries and 70s-era novels about suburban infidelity. In retrospect, 5th grade may have been a little young to start reading the latter.

2. Approximately twice a year, I’m a morning person.

3. I’m rarely an early adopter…and after 10+ years of online forums, I haven’t really transitioned into being a blog reader. Partially because my old computer crashed when I visited all the pretty, image-heavy ones. But I’m getting there.

4. I live in a modest 1905 fixer, and after years of fixing–or avoiding fixing–I’m burnt out on decor and yard stuff. Which is bad because there’s a LOT more to do!

[Ironically, We Now Interrupt This Post so that I can go stand on the roof and hold the Silent Paint Remover, which enables Mr Vix’s window-scraping.]

~ returning ~

5. See #3 and #4 above, then check out the decor-and-more-related blogs of 3 very talented women I have “known” for years via online forums:

(I’m probably missing a few bloggers from this group that I actually mean to include, but hopefully they’ll let me know!)

6. I find Facebook completely overwhelming and tend to avoid it. Also I think the interface is uglier than a tarantula’s butt. YEAH I SAID IT

7. Per my profile, I am getting more shallow as I age, not less shallow.

8. I can neither whistle nor blow bubbles with gum; this horrifies my grandmother. [Who tried and failed to teach me how to do both.] By the way, I’m sorely tempted to add a VULGAR postscript to this but won’t.

9. I have a “thing” about tagging people for stuff and can’t do it. Yes, I know it’s crazy and a tagee probably wouldn’t think I was imposing. But. Anyway: think about visiting Struggler and those bloggers above. And the ones on my sidebar. Especially Bingo, since she is on hiatus BUT SHOULDN’T BE.

10. Related to #9: Lists like these paralyze me and I can never think of a damn thing to say that’s remotely interesting. For an admitted narcissist, that’s a real heartstring-puller.

2 Responses

  1. Hah! I love this slightly anarchic streak running through you.
    I think bending the rules is just fine. I bent a few of them in passing the award along; it becomes a full time job otherwise!

    Approximately twice a year, I am an evening person 🙂

  2. I swear I’m not on permanent hiatus. When I start the new meds and am a human being again, I will blog until you groan when you see me on your subscription list! Right now, I’m too mindfucky and unfunny!

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