Unlike the ice cream truck that’s currently bombarding my neighborhood with Christmas tunes, our local U-pick farms are keeping it seasonal.

Since yesterday’s weather was spectacular and as I am one of those annoying city dwellers who finds rural areas super-charming, Mr Vix and I headed off to see what was blooming and ripening around us.

Along with potatoes and more colorful produce, there were dahlias and zinnias a-plenty. And who can resist a stack of empty buckets and a pile of garden shears?

…sadly, despite my annual pledge to buy lots more local food (and eat less chicken) I have a long way to go…

(top to bottom: PNW pumpkins; fall’s zinnias and dahlias await harvesting; roosters and chickens roam their farm; U-pick’d flowers brighten the Vix Household’s dining room)

3 Responses

  1. Those are gorgeous pictures!

  2. Thank you! My pal the Very Good Photographer was out in the same area a few weeks ago; while she’s holding out on the dahlia shots I know she has some great ones.

    Luckily for me I don’t claim to be a technician, ha.


    Seriously, have you ever seen a rooster like that blue one? COME ON. It was worth stalking him til he hit the hydrangeas. Ok, it was worth stalking all of them.

  3. No, I’ve never seen a rooster like the blue one. He’s gorgeous, you chicken stalker.

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