I woke up one day last winter and realized that, apart from a short family-based trip, I hadn’t left the U.S. in 20 years. I’m still not sure how I let that happen; granted, I have a tendency to sleepwalk through my life when I’m not making fairly substantial changes but REALLY.

While financially it was not a great time for me to travel farther than the corner market, I was determined to celebrate my 40th by going somewhere I’d always wanted to see, someplace crumbling and splendid, bustling and languid, illusory and workaday.

Someplace as contradictory as I was feeling.

So I started making plans, and once Mr Vix got on board, we even decided to squeeze in a little second-city stop-off on the way home. Though of course I would have loved to roam even longer.

…my trip made me as happy as a raisin in a rum cake, and today’s a day I need to revisit the smaller moments that made me smile…

(top to bottom: Mr Vix wandering in Venice; Amsterdam carnival vendor; a midnight vap rider brightens the Venetian scene; Amsterdam window display; strutting it Amsterdam style; old meets new on an Amsterdam canal bank; a central city carnival flashes against Amsterdam’s grey sky; Murano factory sign; orange bag huddle on the Riva degli Schiavoni; memento from G. Nason’s studio)

2 Responses

  1. Does Mr Vix have European roots? He could be french. May I see he is actually hot! decent shoulders … yummy! :))

  2. Paula —

    I am not going to argue with you on that account, though somewhat annoyingly he would! Humble is only good up to a point.

    While he is a mixed-breed dog, like me, there’s no French that we know of, but I agree with you that he could “pass”…I think it his very refined bone structure/”aristocratic” nose!* He is the farthest thing from a sensitive poet but he has the face for it, ha.

    * Well, he could pass when not in his usually ridiculously oversized (“comfortable”) clothing that marks him as very North American and shrouds his athletic build. I suppose it could be worse—he could run around in Lycra bike shorts all the time!

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