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The PNW’s archetypal imagery often involves swathes of old-growth conifers populated with lush green ferns. Since I am easily bored and often restless and really regretting my overall lack of travel, I have a tendency to take the stereotypical scenery for granted.

Luckily, this region does have a lot of visual diversity within a relatively small radius. One can rather begrudgingly tromp around familiar territory only to end up fish-whapped by scenes that have more than a whiff of another time or place. Sometimes pretending I’m someplace I’ve never been–a small Midwestern farming community, Manhattan in the fall, the lavender fields of Provence, a Western Australian beach–makes it easier to enjoy where I am.

…imagination costs nothing but I skimp on using mine way too often…

(top to bottom: outside Portland; Seattle sidewalk prisms; Oregon lavender field; Southern Oregon cove)

3 Responses

  1. I love that lavender field. The last one of the cove is very unusual too.
    The sidewalk prisms seem to have gone walkies; we’ll hope to see those another day!

    • Murphy’s Law that one photo went walkabout the day I was offline; think I’ve fixed it now. I swear the best thing about that lavender field was the actually the aromatherapy..but I like having the photo to remind me to chill.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ahh, now I’ve learned something – I didn’t realize those glass thingummies were called sidewalk prisms! That’s a very stylish pic, too; thanks for tracking it down.

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