Playing Spider Elliott [pt 1]

Lately there’s been a dearth of people asking for my opinion. MYSTIFYING, I know, especially given my reputation for selflessly volunteering my thoughts on a wide-ranging number of topics no matter the place or time. Just as I was beginning to resign myself to working on the “silent” part of “sitting in silent judgment,” though, my friend Fizz asked me to weigh in on her choices for one of those love/hate fashion moments: her 20th high school reunion.

Due to the grim economic times and/or the coordinators’ piss-poor planning skills, most of the reunion’s festivities involve an outdoor setting. The delights of outdoors + August + the South are too numerous to declaim, but I’m sure the combination of swamp-like humidity and lots of booze will take many attendees back to their splendor’d-in-the-grass youth.

Given where Fizz went to school, I wasn’t expecting to help her pick out items she could also sport while having a cocktail at 60 Thompson’s rooftop bar. Good thing, because her goal of looking friendly and current and attractive at ALL the events meant factoring a joint much like this into the equation:

c. Flickrs Memphisphotoman

c. Flickr's Memphisphotoman

Now Ms Fizz–Ms Sloe Gin Fizz on her W2s–has, as one might guess, an amazing sweet/tart effervescence. With her personality, it really doesn’t matter WHAT she wears to ANY event, because even those humming the chorus to Jack & Diane before she shows up will soon be laughing. But of course she thinks otherwise, and I didn’t want to be a killjoy, so we got down to it.

With context, Fizz-ness, and practicalities like her vertically-challenged H/Rectangle shape in mind, our process for the most casual outings went something like this:

  • nab some summertime basics from the closet (capris, denim pencil skirt, tops in flattering colors with interesting neckline detailing)
  • whisk problematic basics off for alteration (resulting in knee-length shorts and a ruched top)
  • select/buy shoes and jewelry that were a little lowercase-f fun, but didn’t communicate “I’m in room 138 at the HoJo and boy am I up for some FUN.”

Which meant her killer spike heels didn’t make the cut, but these new sparklies did:

Ms Rosies new crystal necklace

a headless Ms Fizz sporting her new crystal necklace

something similar to Rs new (inexpensive) vintage crystal necklace

something similar to Fizz's new (inexpensive!) vintage crystal necklace

With that sorted out, we were onto the next challenge: for the fanciest part of the weekend, could Ms Fizz do better than her charming little black dress?

Next: Part 2 of Playing Spider Elliott, aka tapping into Ms Fizz’s succulent splendor

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