I hate to go all Weather Channel Watcher on innocent people, but despite the light box and the vitamin D supplements and the dutiful exercise, I’ve never adjusted to the Pacific Northwest’s moist grey winters. [I will coat myself in moss and start talking to ferns before I live in super-snowy climes, however.]

As the past several days have seen blue blue skies shining on our beloved greenery I NEED to know: with July 4th nearly here, is warm weather ready to stay?

…to invoke summer—and offset my recent deluge of text—I’ve dug up photos that celebrate my favorite color pairing…

(top to bottom: Homegrown tomatoes in the Vix Household’s kitchen c.2004; San Diego Museum of Art; a kitchen stove’s fancy European tile sets the tone for a rural 1898 Oregon home; Balboa Park; old growth fir meets Ikea bedding chez Vix)

2 Responses

  1. Ooooooh, pretty! I have a thing for ginkgo, so I love your bedding. As always, I envy your backsplash. So fish-scaley and iridescent!

  2. Thanks, Bingo! It’s been nearly 6 years since I attempted to install that backsplash, but it still passes the “makes me happy to be alive” test.

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